RMT: Bring Interserve contracts in-house


Ahead of the Interserve shareholder meeting later today rail union RMT is calling for all its transport contracts - it has major contracts at Network Rail - to be brought in house.

General Secretary, Mick Cash, said both passengers and staff had been " left guessing".

"That is no way to run our transport services," he said.

"RMT is calling for immediate action to begin transferring the Interserve transport sector contracts in-house to avoid a repeat of the Carillion chaos.

"‎Once again we see the reality of bandit capitalism and its toxic impact on our public services. The time has come to end this obsession with the private sector speculators and return to the principles of public services run and owned by the public, free from this corrosive nonsense."

Train union: End of guards dispute now in sight

The rail workers union that has suspended its industrial action affecting Cumbrian trains run by Northern says it hopes the end of the dispute is in sight.

The RMT union called off a long-running series of strikes last night, after it said the train company Northern had promised to keep conductors or guards on all trains until the end of its franchise.

Northern Train

Northern says it will not have time to reintroduce normal Saturday timetables this weekend.

Passenger groups say the strikes have only added to the damage caused by the botched introduction of new timetables last year, and general issues with the way Northern has run franchises on the Lakes and Furness lines.

Compared with last year, our traffic is down 20% on our line, that's dreadful, with TransPennine Express which we didn't want to lose, it went up every year, we're heading in the wrong direction and have been for the last two or three years."

Robert TalbotLakes Line Rail User Group