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As of 11:50 28 Feb 2020

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FTSE movers

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London shares are still down as fears over the spread of the coronavirus continue to grip investors.

At 10:30, the FTSE 100 was down by 208.36 points, or by 3.07%, to 6,585.54.

Travel firms are weighing on the blue-chip index as worries persist about the virus's outbreak and travel restrictions. IAG (which owns British Airways) has lost a lot of ground, falling 7.28% to 477.70. Tui also saw its shares slump by 6.98% to 610.10.

Read more on the airlines hit by coronavirus here.

Engineering giant Rolls-Royce is leading the risers on the blue-chip index, despite the fact it reported a pre-tax loss of £891m last year. It's seen a boost to its share price of 4.83% to 629.80.

The wider FTSE 250 index saw a drop of 618.06 points, or 3.12%, to 19,164.14.

Aston Martin's share price continue to fall today. It's leading the losers after shedding 12.03% to 314.00 after its finance chief quit yesterday.

Online trader Plus 500 is the top riser, with an increase of 4.33%, or 37.80 points, to 912.50. It said it had seen "a significant increase" in levels of trading activity recently.

FTSE 100 sinks 3% on open

London Stock Exchange
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UK shares have plummeted at the open, as the global market sell-off shows no sign of slowing up.

Shortly after opening, the FTSE 100 index was down 224.14 points, or 3.3%, at 6,572.26.

The FTSE 250 index fell 527.74 points, or 2.7%, to 19,255.71.

London markets close down

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The FTSE 100 has had another bad day.

The UK's blue-chip index closed at 6,796.33, after dropping 246.14 points, or 3.50%.

The wider FTSE 250 index lost 764.63 points, or 3.71%, to close at 19,858.32.

London still heading downwards

London Stock Exchange
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London shares are still heading lower, as a sharp rise in the number of coronavirus cases outside China raised fears of a global pandemic.

The FTSE 100 is now 137.5 points or 2% lower to 6,904.94. Top of the losers is advertising giant WPP, plunging 14.1% to 779.9p after reporting a 21.9% drop in pre-tax profits.

EasyJet is in second place, falling 11% to £10.70, due to investor fears on the coronavirus outbreak's impact on the travel industry.

The FTSE 250 is currently down 516.6 points or 2.5% to 20,106.34. Currency services providers Finablr heads the losers, dropping 15% to 59.5p on the news it has asked billionaire Bavaguthu Raghuram Shetty to clarify his share arrangements.

Mr Shetty, who co-founded Finablr and healthcare provider NMC Health, resigned as co-chairman from the board of NMC Health in mid-February over concerns he misstated his stake in the firm.

NMC Health fired its chief executive on Wednesday after it was forced to reveal unauthorised off-balance sheet financing.

Shares in NMC Health were suspended on Thursday.

FTSE 100 opens down 2%

London Stock Exchange
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UK shares have opened sharply lower as worries over the impact of the coronavirus continue to rattle investors.

The FTSE 100 index was down 144.86 points, or 2%, at 6,897.61 in the first few minutes of trading.

The mid-cap FTSE 250 index fell 334.86 points, or 1.6%, to 20,288.09.

BreakingLondon markets close higher

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The FTSE 100 has closed higher, ending five days of downward movement.

It closed at 7,042.47, a rise of 24.59 points or 0.35%.

The wider FTSE 250 index failed to recover as much and closed at 20,622.95, a fall of 93.02 points or 0.45%.

BreakingLondon markets close with the FTSE 100 at a 12-month low

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The FTSE 100 has had another bad day.

It closed at 7,017.88, after dropping 138.95 points or 1.94%, a 12-month low.

The wider FTSE 250 index lost 401.90 points, or 1.90%, to close at 20,715.97.

BreakingFTSE dashes downwards to five month low

The FTSE 100 has crashed below 7,100 for the first time since October as it takes a tumble for the second day in a row.

It's currently at 7,097.69 after slumping 59.14 points this morning, or 0.83%.

The wider FTSE 250 index is down 156.65 points, or 0.74%, at 20,961.22−156.65.

London shares now flat

Bunzl's distribution centre

London shares are now flat,as investor fears over the coronavirus outbreak continued to dominate the agenda.

The FTSE 100 is now 5.3 points or 0.07% ahead to 7,162.07. Top of the winners is distribution ans outsourcing firm Bunzl, climbing 4% to £20.80, after reporting a 2.4% rise in full-year pre-tax profits on Monday.

Bunzl was one of the few risers on the FTSE on Monday. Its chief executive said that the firm had high stock levels and wasn't concerned about supply chain problems, as it had stocked up on products from China prior to Chinese New Year.

The FTSE 250 is currently 52.7 points or 0.3% up to 21,171.54, led by British investment fund Pollen Street Secured Lending, which jumped 7.5% to 888p, following news that it is in takeover talks with Waterfall Asset Management.

London opens higher

London Stock Exchange
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Despite investor fears hitting global markets yesterday, today London shares have opened higher.

The FTSE 100 is now 36.7 points or 0.5% ahead to 7,190.60.

The FTSE 250 is currently 135.6 points or 0.6% up to 21,242.73.