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  1. ‘Sprightly start’ for FTSE 100

    Stock market traders

    The FTSE 100 index of shares in London has seen a “sprightly start” on the first full day of trading of 2021.

    The blue-chip index is currently up 1.73%, or 111.77 points, at 6,572.29

    The wider FTSE 250 index is up 0.98%, or 199.83 points, at 20,688.13.

    Richard Hunter, Head of Markets at Interactive Investor, said: “The UK market’s first opportunity to react to the Brexit deal has led to a sprightly start to the New Year.

    “The move builds on a rally of around 16% since the beginning of November, although the spike was not enough to prevent an overall decline of 14.3% during 2020.

    “The finer implications of the UK’s exit remain to be seen, but the fact that a deal was agreed prior to the deadline removes some of the overhang which had been haunting the index for some time.”

  2. FTSE 100 drops 4%

    The blue-chip index closed down 4.05%, after losing 214.32 points, at 5,080.58.

    The wider FTSE 250 lost 6.58%, or 916.69 points, to fall to 13,008.19

  3. FTSE 100 gains almost 3%

    The blue-chip index has ended the day up 2.79%, or 143.82 points, at 5,294.90.

    But the mid-cap FTSE 250 index closed down 424.78 points, or 2.96%, at 13,924.

  4. UK markets remain in the doldrums


    Let's have a look at the markets. The FTSE 100 is holding steady above the 5,000 level.

    It's at 5,070.50, a fall of 80.58 points or 1.56% on the day.

    The wider FTSE250 index is quite a lot worse off.

    It's at 13,783.50, a fall of 566.25 points or 3.95%.

  5. FTSE heading lower again

    Well the early morning rally didn't last long. After opening higher the FTSE 100 has resumed its downward path and is now down 1.6% at 5,069.50.

    The FTSE 250 index is also lower, down 2.4% at 14,003.12.

  6. FTSE 100 opens higher

    After Monday's hefty falls on the world's stock markets, London's FTSE 100 index has opened higher.

    In the first few minutes of trade the index is up 99.29 points, or 1.9%, at 5,250.37.

    The FTSE 250 index is up 273.26 points, or 1.9%, at 14,623.01.

  7. Is this a dead cat bounce?

    A dead cat bounce is when share prices benefit from a brief recovery in the midst of a plunge.

    Is that what's happening today?

    Rabobank stretegist Michael Every thinks so.

    "We sure seem to be witnessing a classic dead cat bounce with the Stoxx 600 up about 3.5% and all regional bourses experiencing a positive to very positive open, like in London, with the FTSE up 5%," he says.

    "It’s been a black week already – and even if today sees another dead bat bounce, it’s hard to see where any real structural relief is going to come from until we get a virus vaccine."

  8. FTSE 250 more mixed

    It's a mixed picture on the FTSE 250 index of smaller, more UK-focused firms.

    The biggest winner is Finablr, which owns travel money company Travelex, which was brought to its knees by a cyber attack that all but paralysed the firm earlier this year.

    Its services have since been restored but yesterday Finablr's share price plunged by more than 60% after the firm said it was taking urgent steps to assess its "liquidity and cashflow position".

    Its shares have bounced this morning and are currently up over 50%.

    There was no such luck for Cineworld investors. Shares are down around 14% after the firm said yesterday that coronavirus could threaten its ability to keep trading.

  9. BreakingFTSE 100 opens more than 2% lower

    Trading on the London stock market has just got under way, and in the first few minutes of trade the benchmark FTSE 100 index is down 2.4% at 5,734.88.

    The FTSE 250 index is down 2.7% at 16,874.70.

  10. London markets close in the red

    Stock traders

    The FTSE 100 index of shares in London has closed the day down 7.7%, to its lowest level in almost four years, in the biggest single-day fall since the 2008 financial crisis.

    The market closed down 496.78 points at 5965.77, wiping £125bn off the value of companies following an oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

    The wider FTSE 250 index lost 1,199.36 points, or 6.40%, to close at 17,547.15.

  11. European markets eased up following US stocks

    cat jumping over snow

    Is it a dead cat bounce?

    The FTSE100 has retraced from its morning lows but is still down 6.15% at 6065.18 alongside the FTSE250 which is 5.64% lower at 17688.55.

    All European stocks have plunged below 6%.

    The Dutch AEX has fallen 6.22% to 498.23, the Paris Cac40 has slid 6.48% to 4805.98, the Frankfurt Dax is down 6.50% at 10791.76.

    Sterling has held strong and has climbed 0.59% against the dollar to $1.3124 but has dipped 0.56% below the euro at €1.1489 and fallen 2.37% against the Yen to ¥134.1860.

  12. British Airways owner leads FTSE higher

    BA planes

    Airline shares have been getting quite a battering recently, with the sector expected to be one of the worst hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

    However, today there's been some respite for IAG - the airline group that owns British Airways, Aer Lingus and Iberia.

    Shares in IAG are up 6.4% making it the biggest riser in the FTSE 100.

    The index itself is currently up 1.8% at 6,773.34, while the mid-cap FTSE 250 index is 2.6% higher at 19,806.40.

    At a conference on Tuesday, IAG chief executive Willie Walsh said he expected demand for flights in Europe to stabilise in the coming weeks, if the virus outbreak pattern in Europe is similar to that seen in Asia.

  13. FTSE extends gains

    The UK stock market has extended its gains, with the FTSE 100 now up 2.4% at 6,813.49.

    Other European markets are also showing healthy rises, with the French Cac 40 index and Germany's Dax both up by more than 2%.

    This follows huge gains on Wall Street on Thursday, although Asian markets were not quite so buoyant.

    The rebound follows news that the G7 will be having a conference call later to discuss an action plan to try to combat the coronavirus crisis.

    However, Connor Campbell from Spreadex warned: "The danger, of course, is that if the world’s financial bigwigs fail to announce a coherent, co-ordinated plan of attack – and Reuters is reporting that the draft statement currently being worked on doesn’t call for such action – these gains could unravel double-quick."

  14. FTSE opens higher

    City trader

    Trading is under way on the London stock market and the FTSE 100 has opened up 1.5% at 6,751.55.

    The mid-cap FTSE 250 index is up 1.7% at 19,625.62.