Jo Johnson

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    Video caption: Brexit: Five days in five minutes

    Breaking down a big week for Brexit, as UK MPs took action in Parliament to stop a no-deal departure.

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    Video caption: Brexit: What happened on Thursday?

    Boris Johnson would "rather be dead in a ditch" than ask the EU to delay Brexit beyond 31 October, he says.

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    Video caption: Boris Johnson: 'Jo and I haven't seen eye-to-eye for a long time' about EU

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacts to the resignation of his brother Jo as a Tory MP and minister.

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    Video caption: Jo Johnson: 'It's time to move on'

    Ex-universities minister Jo Johnson tells the BBC it has been an "honour" to be an MP and minister, but "it's time to move on".

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    Video caption: Jo Johnson and Stephen Kinnock argue for and against an alternative Brexit option
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    Video caption: Jo Johnson: ‘Neither Remainers nor Leavers want this'

    The public should be given a say in whether they want Brexit to proceed, says Jo Johnson MP.

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    Video caption: Peers' laughter at 'Johnson and Johnson'

    Liberal Democrat Baroness Smith wonders if the resignations of "Johnson and Johnson" (Boris and brother Jo) show the Brexit deal would be "worse than remaining".

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    Video caption: Jo Johnson: 'It was a fantasy set of promises'

    Jo Johnson MP says it would be a "democratic travesty" if the public were not consulted again about Brexit.

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    Video caption: Brexit deal "will see us cede control" - Jo Johnson

    Jo Johnson called for a fresh referendum as he resigned as transport minister over the Brexit deal.

  10. Govia Thameslink: Cancellations 'significantly reduced', minister says

    Transport minister Jo Johnson has told the House of Commons that since the introduction of a third new timetable on Sunday, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) passengers are seeing more services every day and on-the-day cancellations have "significantly reduced".

    Crowded train

    He was responding to an urgent question from Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald on the performance of the Govia franchise since the introduction of the first new timetables on 20 May which caused delays and cancellations.

    Mr Johnson said that the public performance measure - which shows the percentage of trains that arrive at their terminating station within five minutes - had improved on the Thameslink line, closing at 84% on Tuesday and at 86% for Great Northern Services.

    He added that all timetables take time to bed in but "the department is closely monitoring [GTR] for sustained performance improvements".

    Mr McDonald said the government must "stop pussyfooting around and strip Govia of their contract without delay", to which Mr Johnson said the department was looking at whether GTR had breached its contracts and the government "won't hesitate to take tough action against them if they are found to have been at fault".

  11. MP says travellers should not face multiple claims for disruption

    The government's facing calls from MPs of all parties to strip Govia Thameslink of its rail franchise after widespread cancellations and delays in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire following the introduction of new timetables.


    Rail minister Jo Johnson told the Commons the disruption was "unacceptable" but that passengers would be compensated.

    However the Labour MP for Luton South, Gavin Shuker, says it isn't enough.

    He wants people claiming delay-repay compensation to be spared multiple claims to fit in with the company's 28-day policy and to be allowed to put in one claim covering the whole disruption which began 44 days ago.

    He asked the minister "to ensure that everyone who had a valid claim since 21 May receives compensation."