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Break time cuts could be harming children’s development
School break times are as much as an hour shorter than they were two decades ago.

Young people warned over buying drugs via apps

Katherine Sellgren

Man using phone
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Social media apps are increasingly likely to be used by young people to buy illegal drugs, research suggests.

The study, from Royal Holloway, University of London, says drug users valued the convenience and speed of buying drugs via apps like Snapchat.

It warns that buyers are at risk in terms of personal safety and drug quality and that many have a "false security" of escaping law enforcement.

It says educating young people about the risks is "crucial and urgent".

Dementia risk: Five-minute scan 'can predict cognitive decline'

A woman having an ultrasound scan of her neck
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A five-minute scan could be used to spot people at risk of dementia before symptoms appear, researchers at a London university claim.

Scientists used ultrasound scanners to look at blood vessels in the necks of more than 3,000 people and monitored them over the next 15 years.

They found those with the most intense pulses went on to experience greater cognitive decline over the next decade than the other study participants.

Researchers hope it may offer a new way to predict cognitive decline.

An international team of experts, led by University College London, measured the intensity of the pulse travelling towards the brain in 3,191 people in 2002.

A more intense pulse can cause damage to the small vessels of the brain, structural changes in the brain's blood vessel network and minor bleeds known as mini-strokes.

Watch: Morbid exhibits of UCL's Pathology Museum

Dating back to the 1800s the UCL’s Pathology Museum has more than 2,000 specimens of human remains.

Among the macabre collection are a sword swallower’s oesophagus and a plaster cast of a hand belonging to a man that had acromegaly and was 8ft 9in (2.6m) tall.

The museum is normally closed to the public but for one weekend in September it opened its doors as part of Open House London.

The BBC Travel Show’s Christa Larwood went along to find out more.