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    Video caption: Massive blast brings down more of Longannet power station

    The latest demolition "blow down" destroys part of the Turbine Hall at the former Longannet power station.

  2. Charging for change

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    Charging electric car

    The government wants the UK to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

    Scottish Power reckons that in order to achieve this, the UK needs to have 25 million charging points for electric vehicles - the equivalent of installing 4,000 a day - and 23 million electric heat pumps to replace domestic gas boilers.

    And all at a cost nearly £300bn.

    Scottish Power's chief executive Keith Anderson says people need to see that there is a network in place in order for them to change, for example, to cleaner modes of transport.

    He says: "We need to make this as easy as possible for people to switch to electric cars. One of the ways of doing that is making sure they see the infrastructure out there required for them to run their lives.

    "People will want to know they've got a charge point at home, there's a charge point at work, there's charge point at any destination."

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    Video caption: Longannet coal storage bunker demolished

    Longannet Power Station in Fife was closed in 2016 as part of a commitment to rely less on fossil fuels.