Chris Heaton-Harris

Jo Johnson is quizzed on whether government official should have sent Brexit letter
Jo Johnson is quizzed on whether government official should have sent Brexit letter.

Lecturer's response to MP's Brexit letter goes viral

Calum McKenzie

BBC Local Live

This tweet by a university lecturer mocking a Conservative MP's letter about Brexit teaching at higher education institutions has gone viral.

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It follows a letter from Chris Heaton-Harris (below), the Eurosceptic MP for Daventry, who wrote to universities asking for the names of professors who teach Brexit courses.

The Conservative MP also asked for syllabuses relating to Brexit and links to the online lectures.

Chris Heaton-Harris
Conservative Party

The terse response from Dr Ben Witham, a lecturer in international relations at De Montfort University, has so far been retweeted over 7,000 times and been liked by almost 16,000 Twitter users.

Mr Heaton-Harris said he sent his letter as he believed in "open" debate on Brexit.

Lord Patten: Brexit letter is 'offensive'

The World at One

BBC Radio 4

A former Conservative Party Chairman says the letter from a Conservative MP to all universities asking for details of the professors who teach Brexit is 'idiotic and offensive'.

Lord Patten, who is Chancellor of Oxford University, and a Remain supporter, told Radio 4's World at One that Chris Heaton-Harris, a leading Eurosceptic, who wrote the letter "must be an agent of Mr Corbyn intent on further increasing the numbers of young people who want to vote Labour."

He added it shows "complete ignorance of what universities are for and the importance of letting people who are sensible enough to make up their own minds, actually do so".