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    Video caption: Labour MP: PM 'should be ashamed' of 'surrender act' language

    Labour MP Paula Sherriff says the PM's use of words such as "betrayal" is offensive and dangerous.

  2. PM 'should be ashamed' of 'dangerous' language, says MP

    Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff has said Boris Johnson should be "ashamed of himself" for using "offensive, dangerous and inflammatory" language over Brexit.

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    Video caption: PM 'should be ashamed' of 'surrender act' language

    In a heated Commons debate, the prime minister used words such as "betrayal" and "traitor" and said a "surrender act" had been passed to stop Brexit.

    Labour MP Ms Sherriff referred to the murder of her colleague Jo Cox before the EU vote and said his remarks were "violent".

    She said MPs faced death threats from people using similar language - but the PM dismissed her comments as "humbug".

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    Video caption: Backlash in Commons over Boris Johnson's language

    MPs accuse Boris Johnson of using "dangerous" language after he said a "surrender act" had been passed to stop Brexit.

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    Video caption: PMQs: Sherriff and May on railways in northern England

    A Yorkshire MP tells the prime minister her constituents can't decide which is delayed most - the Northern Powerhouse, promised by the government, or their next train.

  5. Listen: Cervical cancer screening low in West Yorkshire

    Cervical cancer screening rates are at a 20-year low in West Yorkshire.

    The charity Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust says one-in-four women in the area are skipping their test, with Bradford the worst area in the whole county.

    The Dewsbury MP Paula Sheriff is chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women's Health and an ambassador for the trust:

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    Video caption: Smear tests urged by Mp Paula Sherriff