John Bercow

Theresa May: MPs applaud as PM leaves chamber after final PMQs
Theresa May looks back on her record at PMQs before she is cheered by colleagues as she leaves the chamber.
Emotional Speaker John Bercow addresses Richard Ratcliffe
The Speaker tells Richard Ratcliffe his wife Nazanin - in jail in Iran - will never be forgotten.
Tearful Carolyn Harris speech on Children's Funeral Fund
An MP is applauded after her emotional speech on the introduction of the Children's Funeral Fund after her "impatient" campaigning.
Brexit: Opposition MPs' bid to block no deal voted down
MPs reject a bid by opposition parties to take control of Parliament's timetable to try to stop a no-deal Brexit.
John Bercow: Proroguing Parliament 'not going to happen'
Speaker of the Commons John Bercow says the idea that Parliament is prorogued to force through a “no-deal Brexit” is “simply not going to happen”.