Gun control

  1. US Election 2020: Bringing the debate about gun control to the fore

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    Video caption: This year has seen protests and rising gun sales, and reignited the debate on gun control

    This year's protests and the armed gangs of vigilantes seen in some cities have fuelled the debate on gun control, against a backdrop of rising gun sales.

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    Video caption: Trudeau: 'You don't need an AR-15 to bring down a deer'

    Canada PM Justin Trudeau is banning the sale of 1,500 models and variants of assault rifles and weapons.

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    Video caption: Christchurch mosque attacks: NZ has 'fundamentally changed' says PM

    New Zealand has "fundamentally changed" since the Christchurch mosque attacks, says PM.

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    Video caption: Gun owners' anger over licence change proposals

    The move has been called "fundamentally flawed" by those who already have licences

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    Video caption: President Trump on push for gun background checks

    President Trump says he feels strongly about the Second Amendment but hopes Congress can still act.