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    Video caption: Coffee cup confusion: The Internal Market Bill explained

    Coffee cups and single-use plastic can help explain why this proposed law is proving controversial.

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    Video caption: Brexit bill adds to 'collapse of public trust', says Boothroyd

    Former Speaker Baroness Boothroyd criticises the government's UK Internal Market Bill.

  3. 'A full-frontal no-holds-barred assault on devolution'

    Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon

    Joan McAlpine turns the debate to Brexit and asks if the UK government's "blatant power grab masquerading as the internal market bill" means critical funding which should be transferred to the Scottish government will instead be controlled by Boris Johnson and the Tories at Westminster, regardless of the spending priorities of the people of Scotland.

    Nicola Sturgeon agrees and says she has many and varied concerns about the bill.

    She says firstly it breaches international law, something the Advocate General clearly couldn't stomach, and resigned his post.

    Secondly, she says it is a power grab on the powers of this parliament and gives the UK government the ability to override or undermine the spending priorities of a democratically-elected Scottish government supported by a democratically-elected Scottish parliament.

    What is the row over UK 'internal markets' all about?

    Quote Message: The Internal market bill is a full-frontal no-holds-barred assault on devolution. The only way in future, in my view, to protect the Scottish parliament now is for it to become a normal independent parliament which I think will happen sooner rather than later. from Nicola Sturgeon First minister
    Nicola SturgeonFirst minister