Mexico–US border

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    Video caption: Crossing the border to go to school in the US

    Sixteen-year-old twins Ana Fernanda and Ana Luisa begin their journey from Mexico in the early hours.

  2. How I became a lawyer to reunite my mother with her parents after 30 years

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    Video caption: Luis Cortes surprised his mom by reuniting her with her parents
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    Video caption: US-Mexico border: Footage from inside smuggling tunnel

    US officials say they have discovered the longest smuggling tunnel ever found on the border with Mexico.

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    Video caption: Mexican police push back hundreds of US-bound migrants

    Some 1,000 migrants have been prevented from entering Mexico from Guatemala.

  5. The nativity scene depicting holy family as caged refugees

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    Video caption: A nativity installation is depicting Mary, Joseph and Jesus separated in cages

    A nativity installation is depicting Mary, Joseph and Jesus separated in cages.

  6. Mexican cartels: Would a reduction in the US drug habit stop the violence?

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    Video caption: The Mexican policy of 'hugs not drugs' isn't working, nor is Trump's desire for a wall

    The Mexican president's policy of 'hugs not drugs' is not working, nor is Trump's desire to build a wall and bring in the military.

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    Video caption: Trump: 'We're building a wall in Colorado'

    Politicians in Colorado have dismissed President Trump's statement that the state will get a 'wall'

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    Video caption: Texas Sheriff criticises treatment of border officials

    Speaking at the White House, Bill Waybourn said border officials "stand between good and evil".