Mexico–US border

US-Mexico border: Seesaw installation allows children to play together
Seesaws have been installed on the US border allowing children from both countries to play together.
Congressman blasts homeland security chief over detained children
Elijah Cummings erupts as US homeland security chief Kevin McAleenan defends border facility conditions.

Crossing the US border and finding shelter with a stranger

"I was two months from giving birth and with two small children"
Last week, the world was shocked by photos of Oscar Ramirez and his two year old daughter who lay drowned on the on the banks of the Rio Grande river, after a tragic attempt to make it to the United States.

Newsday has spoken to a 22 year old Salvadoran mother who knows the perils of the journey all too well. She fled the country with her young family after being threatened by gangs - we have agreed to call her Lillian to maintain her anonymity. 

Lilian crossed the border from Mexico into Arizona a month ago, while heavily pregnant and with two young children. Even once the family reached the US, they faced an uncertain future, but we've also been speaking to the kind-hearted stranger who stepped in to offer them a place to live. 

(Photo: A family attempts to cross the border into the US. Credit: Getty Images)

The plight of migrant children in the US

Some youngsters are denied even basic human contact
Some youngsters are denied even basic human contact. Correspondent Chris Buckler relates one story he was told about the McAllen detention centre in Texas. 
(Picture: A migrant family recently released from the detention centre in McAllen, Texas.
Credit: Reuters)