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    Video caption: Toilets: Men’s, Women’s or Gender-Neutral?

    The government says its review will help “ensure there is a diversity of provision and facilities for everyone.”

  2. The Great Leaky Loo Scandal

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    Video caption: How billions of litres of water are lost each week - from a system intended to save water.

    Our demand for water is increasing despite campaigns to reduce it. Tom Heap hears how billions of litres are being lost from our homes every week which we could easily fix,

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    Video caption: Government plans for Portaloos post-Brexit, says minister

    Transport Minister Rachel Maclean says toilets will be installed on road sides if there are long queues.

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    Video caption: How cafe owner saved her local public toilet when the council axed it
  5. Town's only public loos to go

    The only public toilets in a west Cumbrian town are going to be demolished, seven years after they closed.

    The facilities - in the Chapel Street car park in Egremont - are owned by Copeland Council.

    They were shut because it was considered too expensive to keep them open.

    A report for councillors says the site will be cleared a when the toilets are knocked down, and could be used for more parking spaces.

  6. Online map shows London's lockdown 'loo-cations'

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    An online map showing people where they can find an open public toilet as lockdown restrictions ease has been launched.

    Some have spoken about their fear of returning to high street shops as they reopen because facilities are closed.

    The map, at, was created by Thomas and Charles Riley to help people out in such situations.

    It currently only shows locations in London but they have called on people to provide them with more details about what loos are open near them so they can include other places in the UK.

  7. When will public toilets be reopened?

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    As lockdown measures have been eased across England, people have been returning to beaches, parks and beauty spots to enjoy the warmer weather.

    But they've found many public toilets are still closed, and without the option of using loos in cafes, pubs and restaurants, it has left scores of people with an urgent question - where do I go when I need to go?

    Others have questioned whether public toilets will have to change in a post-lockdown world. So what's the future of the public lavatory?

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