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    Video caption: Casey Goodson mother: 'He was just a black man coming home from a dentist appointment'

    The mother of Casey Goodson, a black man fatally shot by a police officer in Ohio, demands answers.

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    Video caption: Dad steps in to sing at son's basketball game when national anthem fails to play

    When the US national anthem failed to play at his son's basketball match, this dad saved the day.

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    Video caption: Driver trapped in sinking car rescued by Ohio police officers

    Officers in Ohio smashed a window to pull out the driver before the vehicle became fully submerged.

  4. BreakingTrump projected to win Ohio and Idaho


    Two more projections in now. Ohio and Idaho are both predicted to go to Donald Trump.

    Ohio, the Buckeye State, was a major election battleground - it has backed the winner of nearly every presidential race over the last 200 years, including Trump in 2016.

    There was no surprise with Idaho, with its four electoral college votes - the state has backed Republican candidates in the last 13 presidential races.

  5. Will Ohio once again pick the president?

    Voters enter the Congregation Aguda Achim in Bexley to cast their ballots for the 2020 Election on November 3, 2020 in Columbus, Ohio

    The Midwestern state of Ohio – with its 18 electoral delegates - has long been a key battleground state in presidential elections.

    Donald Trump won there in 2016 with a margin of over 8%, appealing to working-class voters in one of America’s industrial heartland states.

    This bucked a trend of much closer election results over the years.

    Ohio has backed the eventual White House winner in the last 14 elections.

    Polling stations closed at 19:30ET (00:30 GMT).

    The deadline for counting all absentee ballots is 13 November. However, the overall number of outstanding ballots are being reported on election night.

    So far, with 89% of votes counted, Trump is at 53%, while Biden is on 45%.

  6. Polls close in North Carolina, West Virginia and Ohio

    Polling stations have just closed in North Carolina (15 electoral votes); Ohio (18 electoral votes); and West Virginia (5 electoral votes).

    Ohio, which has long been a battleground state in presidential elections, will be seen as a bellwether this year. Traditionally, every Republican that has lost Ohio has lost the race.

    North Carolina is emerging as a key swing state, which has seen many a recent campaign visit from Trump. Now it's time to see if all those visits paid off.

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    Video caption: US election: The American suburban women leading a ‘wine-fueled rebellion’

    A group of suburban women in Ohio is rallying voters to try and swing the election in November.

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    Video caption: Courtroom escape sends police officer flying down stairs

    A deputy went down the stairs head first trying to catch the defendant as he made a run for it.

  9. US Presidential Election 2020: How four states might swing

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    Video caption: Trump narrowly won Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida in 2016. Will that happen again?

    Trump narrowly won Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida in 2016. Will that happen again this time round?

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    Video caption: Trump says Biden is 'against God and he's against guns'

    President Trump has accused his Democratic opponent of following the 'radical left agenda' to 'hurt the Bible'.