Bashar al-Assad

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    Video caption: Syria civil war: How a father helps his daughter cope with life in a warzone

    Abdullah and his family are living in a warzone but they've come up with a unique way to cope with air strikes.

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    Video caption: PMQs: Blackford and Johnson on Syrian baby deaths

    SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford says the UK is "washing its hands of the Syrian people", but Boris Johnson says it has "persistently called for the end of the Assad regime".

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    Video caption: Turkish reinforcements head to Syria's Idlib

    Turkey sends heavy guns to an area where its soldiers came under attack.

  4. 'Historic mistake': Syrian Kurdish leader on US withdrawal

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    Video caption: Do the Syrian Kurds feel betrayed by the United States?

    Do the Syrian Kurds feel betrayed by the United States?

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    Video caption: Turkey-Syria offensive: Syrian army enters Ain Issa

    Syria's army has started to reach the north of the country as Turkey continues its offensive.

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    Video caption: The defected diplomat turned budgie vlogger

    Khaled al-Ayoubi was once Syrias's most senior UK diplomat, but now breeds birds in Barnsley.