1. University awarded lockdown research funding

    Old woman

    Researchers at the University of Aberdeen have been awarded more than £50,000 to investigate the impact of lockdown on patients with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions.

    About 2,000 patients across the UK with variety of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions will be sent questionnaires in the first instance, with in-depth interviews set up with some of them afterwards.

    The charity Versus Arthritis and the British Society for Rheumatology (BSR) is funding the study.

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    Video caption: A North Yorkshire boy is one of 15,000 children in the UK who live with arthritis.

    A North Yorkshire boy is one of 15,000 children in the UK who live with arthritis.

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    Video caption: The family battling to get around the clock care

    Martine and David have triplets but her arthritis means she needs constant care. They're fighting for money in the face of local authority budget cuts and say they're desperate.

  4. The chickens making medicine in their egg whites

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    Video caption: Dr Lissa Herron explains what they found out from their research
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    Video caption: Royal Marines dream come true

    Fourteen-year-old Malachi Neat, who has arthritis in his eyes, got an early Christmas gift from Royal Marine commandos.

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    Video caption: 'I thought I was the only person with psoriatic arthritis'

    Lydia Warne feared she might never walk or work again after being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

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    Video caption: The boy whose arthritic eyes threaten Marine dream

    An aspiring Royal Marine hopes an unusual arthritis diagnosis will not derail his career plans.

  8. 'It just gives her total independence'

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    Video caption: The Dorset couple using a voice-controlled device to regain their independence