David Davis

  1. David Davis on Huawei: 'We’re handing the keys of the country to China'

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    Video caption: Andrew Marr spoke to the former Brexit Secretary David Davis
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    Video caption: A history of Conservative division over Europe

    Since the end of World War Two, the Conservative Party has never been at ease with Europe.

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    Video caption: Monmouth MP called a liar amid rise in threats

    David Davies, who wears a body camera, is called a liar and a traitor while giving an interview.

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    Video caption: David Davis MP: 'Britain will get its Trump moment'

    Former Brexit Secretary David Davis MP tells the BBC's Andrew Marr that MPs not delivering on the Brexit referendum would undermine belief in political parties.

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    Video caption: John Bercow chides ministers for tax bill 'discourtesy'

    Commons Speaker John Bercow criticises the government for pulling a debate on greater tax transparency in the Crown dependencies - with ministers facing potential defeat.

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    Video caption: David Davis on UK economy and trade after Brexit

    There is a "consistent over-estimation" of the impact of the single market on the UK economy, says a former Brexit secretary.