Puerto Rico

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    Video caption: Puerto Rico: The moment the Arecibo Observatory radio telescope collapsed

    Video shows one of the world's largest telescopes tumbling at Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory.

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    Video caption: Unused emergency aid discovered in Puerto Rico

    Pallets of diapers, heaters, water, and other unused emergency aid were found in a warehouse.

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    Video caption: Earthquakes in Puerto Rico leaves thousands without power

    The island's main power plant was hit by the powerful earthquakes, many are left homeless and fearful.

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    Video caption: Toddler death: Grandfather recalls being 'in shock'

    Salvatore Anello is charged with his granddaughter's death after she fell from an open window.

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    Video caption: Hurricane Dorian - Florida governor warns of 'multi-day event'

    Florida's governor urges residents to have a week's worth of food, medicine and water.

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    Video caption: Dorian brought heavy rain and strong winds to Puerto Rico and now heads north west

    As Puerto Rico cleans up after Hurricane Dorian, The Bahamas and Florida prepare for heavy rain and disruptive winds as the storm strengthens and tracks north west.