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Attack on rap star sparked a wave of killings

How an attack on a rap star ignited a series of tit-for tat killings in North London
When a video of an attack on the rap star Headie One went viral, three young people were murdered in the London Borough of Haringey over the next 10 weeks. Tensions have long existed between rival gangs in Wood Green and Tottenham, but they rapidly escalated two years ago as tit-for-tat attacks were filmed and posted on Snapchat and YouTube. In February 2018, youth worker Kobi Nelson from Tottenham was stabbed to death. The following month 19-year-old rapper Kelvin Odunuyi was shot dead outside a cinema in Wood Green and three weeks later 17-year-old Tanesha Melbourne-Blake was shot dead in Tottenham in a drive-by shooting. Only one of Kobi's killers was identified and later jailed. Nobody has been brought to justice following the deaths of Kelvin and Taneesha.  

This clip is originally from File on 4, Taking the Rap. On Tuesday March 3rd, 2020.

Taking the Rap

How social media is fuelling violence and murder in north London.
When a video of one of the UK's biggest rap stars being attacked went viral, it marked the start of a series of events that left three young people dead.  They died when tensions escalated between rival gangs in Tottenham and Wood Green in the north London borough of Haringey. File on 4 has been told the events that led to their deaths were triggered by an attack on a rapper called Headie One from the Broadwater Farm estate in Tottenham. Tensions were escalated via social media - violent tit-for-tat attacks filmed and posted on Snapchat and You Tube. Livvy Haydock hears the stories of those at the heart of this feud and from those whose lives it has devastated. 

Reporter: Livvy Haydock
Producer: Oliver Newlan
Editor: Carl Johnston