Undercover policing inquiry

'My boyfriend was a police spy'
Scotland Yard says it’s credible an ex-police spy had a relationship with a teenage campaigner.

Deceived by undercover police: 'Nothing about Mark Stone was real'

Campaigner Kim Bryan on how she was befriended by undercover police officer Mark Kennedy.
A group of women from Wales who were deceived by undercover police spoke about their experiences in the Welsh Assembly on Tuesday 26 June. In May, the public inquiry into undercover policing, established in 2015 by the then Home Secretary Theresa May, said it would not publish its final report on the matter until at least 2023.  Kim Bryan is a campaigner who befriended a man she knew as "Mark Stone", who was later revealed to be a police officer, whose real name was Mark Kennedy.
Jacqui says she thinks the company has used her story to defend its #spycatcher ad.
A former animal rights activist who had a baby with an undercover police officer has demanded an apology from cosmetics company Lush.