Waiting times

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    Video caption: 'Some people in Northern Ireland may die unnecessarily while on a hospital waiting list'

    Some people in Northern Ireland may die unnecessarily while remaining on a hospital waiting list for treatment, according to a national independent health charity.

  2. Plans to put doctors of the doors of A&E to cut waiting times

    Tracey Higgins

    BBC Local Live

    Health commissioners are planning to put doctors on the doors in A&E at Shropshire's two acute hospitals so that they can assess how serious patients are when they come in. 

    It's part of a bid to cut waiting times in A&E by directing patients to the most appropriate service.  

    Princess Royal and Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals A&E departments

    Shropshire's two acute hospitals have consistently failed to hit their waiting time targets and in January as many as one in four patients were waiting more than the four hour target for treatment. 

    By introducing this proposal the hospitals hope that 40% of the patients who are at the moment going to A&E will be dealt with by a GP.