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    Video caption: WCMX: The backflipping wheelchair star helping others

    The first Australian to land a wheelchair backflip shares his skills to help others overcome obstacles.

  2. Driven: The Billy Monger Story

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    Video caption: Following 18-year-old Billy as he returns to racing after the amputation of his legs.

    Following the remarkable story of 18-year-old Billy Monger as he attempts to become the first ever double amputee to race competitively in a single-seater racing car.

  3. A falling man left me paralysed

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    Video caption: Jane Garvey talks to Grace Spence Green about an extraordinary turning point in her life.

    Grace Spence Green was walking through a shopping centre when a man fell three floors and landed on her. She tells Jane Garvey how in that moment her world was transformed.

  4. Able to Parent

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    Video caption: Wheelchair-user Emily Yates and her partner CJ decide whether they want to be parents.

    Emily is a wheelchair-user deciding if she wants a baby with her partner, CJ. The pair go looking for advice, including from the UK's highest-profile disabled parent, Alison Lapper.

  5. 'This is exactly why I am trying to get into the Scottish Parliament'

    Pam Duncan-Glancy is running for Labour
    Image caption: Pam Duncan-Glancy is running for Labour

    Issues with getting into her count are the exact reason Labour candidate Pam Duncan-Glancy wants to become an MSP.

    The wheelchair user was refused entry to the Emirates Arena when managers did not believe she was a candidate.

    She told the BBC One results programme: "It's one of the reasons we need more disabled people in parliament. Attitudes need to change, access needs to change and disabled people need to be in the room in order to make decisions so that things like that don't happen again."

    Conservative candidate Jeremy Balfour agrees, as one of the only MSPs with a disability in the last Scottish Parliament.

    "Across all our parties we need to see more disabled people in parliament," he said. "In Scotland 20% of the population has some kind of disability and yet it is totally unrepresented.

    "I would welcome any individuals from all parties who have any disability and I hope there can be some kind of consensus around these issues so that whoever forms the next government can take that forward."

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    Video caption: Elections 2021: 'Parents shouldn't have to fight for child's care'

    A mum believes her disabled son is being failed by the social care system.

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    Video caption: Try out some common British Sign Language signs so you can communicate more inclusively

    If you're wanting to try something new here's some common British Sign Language signs that might help you get to know someone in the deaf community.