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Lockdown easing: 'I have to touch handrails more often'

A disabled man says a lack of government guidance over the easing of lockdown means he is worried to leave the house and use public transport.

Richard Luke, 42, of Coventry, who has cerebral palsy, said it was not clear how he could protect himself.

"If I get on the bus, I have to use hand rails more often and touch where other people's hands have been," the father-of-one said.

"If I get a taxi, I worry will the driver will be wearing a mask, will he be comfortable in helping me and on the train, how am I going to socially distance?"

Richard Luke with his wife and daughter
Richard Luke

Charity Scope said disabled people "are now contending with the added fear that they may be fined or face new risks of abuse when legitimately using public transport".

The Department of Health and Social Care said individuals should speak to their doctor before making a decision to stop shielding, adding they are "doing everything they can" to support people.