San Francisco

Protesters topple statues in US states
Hundreds of protesters gathered in several states to topple statues associated with slavery.

'Me and the guide dog went into lockdown so I bought a cat'

From San Francisco to Perth - what's the lowdown on lockdown for the disabled community?
Coronavirus is making itself known globally, so Cabin Fever thought it too would hot-foot it around the world to see how disabled people are managing.

Lee Kumatat left the UK on 2 January for a  brand new life in San Francisco, USA. 
Three months later we find her trying to live in lockdown in an unfamiliar city with a guide dog....and Pip, the cat she adopted a week ago.  

Holly Lane in Perth, Australia is doing her best not to touch anything but says that's surprisingly hard when she's "stumbling" about all day on the sticks she uses. Being a person with cerebral palsy, she has to hold onto things around her to keep her balance. 

She's also cashing in on newly-discovered energy stores after cutting out her three hour commute by working from home.

Presented by Emma Tracey. Produced by Beth Rose.

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