'Welcome to the Field of Miracles!'

A father and a daughter's mission to save a rundown council estate in Rome
In the suburbs of Rome in Italy there's a rundown council estate called Corviale. It went from being one of the country's most ambitious architectural projects to an infamous mega-complex run by drug dealers and gangs. Right in the middle of it, there's a football pitch where a father and daughter, Massimo and Chiara Vallati, are trying to change things. Outlook's Alessia Cerantola has been to meet them. 

Image: Massimo and Chiara Vallati
Credit: Andrea Di Biagio
AC Milan and Lazio

Lazio accuse the media of a "simplistic tendency" to blame all of the club's fans for instances of racism and fascism following incidents in the 1-0 Coppa Italia win at AC Milan.

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Liverpool fan Sean Cox thanks his supporters
Mr Cox raises his thumb in his first message to the public since he was attacked.