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Election results for 2019

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    Elected in 2019

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Funding given for school car emissions study

A study to measure car emissions around schools in Slough has been given nearly £100,000 in funding.

The year-long research programme will investigate nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution and the results will be used to better understand the impact that idling vehicles have on air quality.

Slough Borough Council was one of 28 local authority projects granted government funding.

Sensors will be placed around three schools in the borough, which are yet to be decided, for 12 months starting this summer.

Schools should have 'no idling zones', Public Health England chief says.

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Slough Borough Council election results

The political make-up of Slough Borough Council is now:

Labour 34; Conservative 7; Independent 1.

Labour gained two seats from the Conservatives in the Upton and Wexham Lea wards.

Fourteen out of 42 seats were up for election, with a third of seats elected every four years.

The overall turnout was 31.5% with 29,679 votes cast.