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    Video caption: Breaking down the Brexit border problem

    BBC's Ros Atkins explains the latest Brexit row and the thorny issue of customs checks and Northern Ireland.

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    Video caption: Brexit: Where are we now?

    It's been out of the headlines for the past few months, but Brexit is back on the political menu

  3. Watch: 'We want a comprehensive free trade deal'

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    Video caption: Johnson: We want a Canada-style free trade deal

    Here's Boris Johnson saying he would prefer to reach a Canada-style agreement with the EU in upcoming trade negotiations.

    Under the existing EU-Canada trade deal, import tariffs on most goods have been eliminated between the two countries, though there are still customs and VAT checks.

    The flow of services, such as banking - which is much more important for the UK - between Canada and the EU are much more restricted.

    In his speech earlier in London, the prime minister insisted that the UK would "still prosper" if the two sides failed to reach an agreement and their future trade was governed by World Trade Organisation rules.

  4. What are the implications for NI after tonight?

    At 23:00 tonight the UK, including Northern Ireland, will legally leave the EU.

    What are the implications for Northern Ireland?

    The UK will no longer be represented in EU institutions and Northern Ireland's three MEPs will no longer sit in the European Parliament.

    Northern Ireland border

    Brexit will be "done" but there will be little practical impact as a transition period begins.

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    Video caption: Brexit: What happened on Wednesday?

    The PM is proposing plans for the Irish border but the EU says "problems" remain.

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    Video caption: Jeremy Corbyn: Boris Johnson Brexit would put NHS in danger

    The Labour leader predicts tax cuts for the rich under Boris Johnson's "aggressive, far-right" government.