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Independent Mike Starkie was re-elected as mayor of Copeland.

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Silver came from the Middle East to Viking Beckermet

Some of the silver in a hoard of ingots found in Beckermet in 2014 had been made by melting down coins from Europe and the Middle East, scientists say.

Viking Ingots in Beacon Museum
Copeland BC

The scientists, from Oxford University, used equipment in Southampton to analyse the silver by studying the lead that is naturally found in it.

Dr Jane Kershaw, from the university said more detailed findings would follow, but the first results showed a mix of Carolingian coinage, from France or Germany, and Islamic Dirhams, buried some time just before 925AD.

The silver was found by two metal detectorists, and is now on permanent display at the Beacon Museum in Whitehaven.

Offices site to get visit from planners

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John Connell

Councillors will visit the proposed site of a major office development at Quay Street in the heart of Whitehaven’s Conservation Area.

Eros Properties has lodged outline permission to demolish two retail units to make way for a five-storey office building with a shop on the ground floor.

Site of development including church

The development would be built around St Gregory’s and St Patrick’s Church, but the plans say the building would “respect” the church by being set back from it.

Half of the existing building was previously occupied by B&M, which closed in January 2016.

Admiral recruited to Copeland council executive

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An independent councillor who's a former US Navy admiral is joining the executive of Copeland Borough Council to help the authority develop its “commercial agenda”.

Steve Morgan, elected last week in Arlecdon and Ennerdale ward, has also been a Sellafield director.

The independent elected mayor, Mike Starkie, has also offered two seats on the executive to Labour, and has re-appointed David Moore, leader of the Conservative group, as deputy mayor.

Labour retained its majority in Copeland with 19 seats, gaining one compared with the 2015 result. The Tories lost one seat and independents won four seats.

Labour keep control of Copeland

With only three seats left to be declared, Labour have won an overall majority on Copeland Borough Council.

Labour now have 17 of the 33 seats, the Conservatives 10, and Independents three.

Where to find the detailed council election results

If you want the detailed figures for where you live, all the district councils have web pages showing the results overnight, or updated as results come in for those that are counting today.

Allerdale, where Independents have made gains, are here.

Barrow Borough Council, which saw seats change hands but Labour stay firmly in control, will have a results page here.

Carlisle City Council is counting the votes today, as is Eden District.

In Copeland, the Mayoral votes were counted overnight, and the borough council votes are being counted today.

South Lakeland council saw Liberal Democrats strengthen their control and a first Green member elected.

Senior Copeland Tory loses seat in poll

The Conservative deputy leader on Copeland council, Alistair Norwood, has failed to win a seat on the authority.

But his Tory colleagues have picked up a number of seats, including both at Black Combe and Scafell, two at Hillcrest, one at St Bees, One at Moresby and three at Millom.

Labour took a clean sweep of three in Cleator Moor, two in Moor Row and Bigrigg, one in Moresby, one in St Bees. and one in Hillcrest.

The Independent Charles Maudling has taken one of the Whitehaven Central seats, with Labour taking the other two.

Labour in lead as Copeland count nears end

With 28 seats declared in Copeland, Labour have 14, the Conservatives 10, and Independents, three. Two wards are still to be decided.

The council's seats have been affected by boundary changes so a direct comparison cannot be made, but the authority was Labour-controlled before the election.

Labour candidate keeps a place on Copeland

Labour candidate Jeanette Forster has been elected for the Sneckyeat Ward on Copeland council, retaining a place.

Copeland's wards have been significantly changed by a boundary review since the last election, making it difficult until all results are in to say whether parties have lost or gained seats.