Amber alert for wildfires in Dorset

There is an amber alert for wildfires in Dorset this weekend, the fire service has warned.

This means that if a wildfire breaks out it could spread quickly and easily due to the dry and windy conditions.

A blaze at Wareham Forest earlier in the year damaged 550 acres of land, much of which is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Members of the public are being urged not to have campfires and ensure cigarettes are put out properly.

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The statistics are frightening: the 900 wildfires currently burning in the US cover a total area that is 6 times greater than all the fires of 2019 put together, there have been a record 12 storms on the Gulf coast, record heat in Arizona and possibly the highest temperature ever recorded melted the thermometer display in death valley. 

The impact of the smoke from the west coast wildfires has spread across the vast country, with tens of thousands of people displaced and entire towns destroyed.  

This has all led some thinkers to suggest this could be the start of a mass climate migration which will completely alter the US.  Abrahm Lustgarten, a reporter with Propublica, has researched climate change and human migration around the world – but is now applying his models to his home.

"There's long been an assumption that we can out-engineer nature, and the money and the insurance helps to do that. But there's also increasing fear of the impacts of what fires do, of what storms do, and people are certainly beginning to respond to that."

(Photo: A street sign destroyed in the Bear fire, California. Credit: EPA)
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