Rare white lion cubs unveiled by French charity
Two rare white lion cubs have been unveiled by a conservation charity in north-western France.
Tracking down Los Angeles' elusive mountain lions
It is thought that there could be 30,000 mountain lions in western North America, but sightings are rare.

Why have some lions become genetically weaker?

Researcher Simon Dures explains what less genetic diversity means for Africa's big cats.
The lion is known as the king of the jungle. Now researchers at the Zoological Society here in London say they've made what sounds like a surprising discovery. Over the course of the last century Africa's big cats have become genetically weaker, not stronger. What's the reason for it? Newsday's Alex Ritson spoke to Simon Dures who was the lead researcher on the study.

(Photo: A lion walks across the grassland of the Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Credit: BBC)

Fighting for Kenya's lions

A woman whose mission is to stop lions being killed in Northern Kenya.
There are less than 2000 lions left in Kenya, as their habitat and food sources shrink. Shivani Bhalla is the founder of Ewaso Lions, a project that works with the Samburu people of northern Kenya to prevent unnecessary lion deaths. She explains why it's important that Kenya's lions, her country's national symbol, don't disappear. 

(Image: Lions in Kenya Credit: Ewaso Lions)