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    Video caption: Lions at Denver Zoo frolic in the snow after historic blizzard

    These cats enjoyed the record snowfall that hit Colorado over the weekend.

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    Video caption: The lioness leader of a once mighty pride must now battle for their very survival.

    Documentary following endangered species fighting for their survival. The lioness leader of a once mighty pride must now battle for their very survival.

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    Video caption: Borth Wild Animal Kingdom: Lions and lynx to be rehomed

    The zoo has been told to close its big cat enclosures by the council after lynx escaped.

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    Video caption: Are people hunting "canned" lion hunting?

    The World Conservation Congress has backed calls to push South Africa to ban the hunting of lions bred in captivity – and something known as “canned lion” hunting.

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    Video caption: Lions and tigers to be banned from circuses in Wales

    From December it will be illegal for lions, tigers and other wild animals to be part of travelling shows.

  6. Lioness has paws full with five new arrivals

    Pride of lion cubs

    Dakota, the lioness has got her paws full after giving birth to five cubs at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire.

    Cubs with lioness

    The nine-week old mini pride stepped out together for the first time to their specially-built playground.

    The latest arrivals were born on 24 April and is Dakota's second litter having given birth to five in 2014.

    The cute cubs, along with the pair that were born in July last year to Dakota’s own daughter, Zuri, has seen the pride increase to 13.

    Keepers have increased her feeds to ensure she is able to produce plenty of milk for her large litter, until they are fully weaned at around six to eight months old.

    Craig Lancaster, head of carnivores, said: "Dakota’s natural mothering instincts are brilliant and as this is her second litter she has settled into life as a mum again really well."

    Lioness and cub
    Image caption: It's "roar-right" Mum's just tickling me!
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    Video caption: Lions and tigers escape circus life for vast new home

    Seventeen big cats rescued from Guatemalan circuses have moved to a South African wildlife sanctuary.

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    Video caption: How a lion was removed from house in Lagos

    A lion, which was reportedly being used to guard a house in Lagos, Nigeria has been removed.