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Pound makes gains

Pound coins
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The pound has extended gains against the dollar and is now up 0.39% at $1.2612.

Sterling has also turned positive against the euro and is 0.15% ahead at €1.1079.

Pound edges ahead

Sterling is a little higher this morning after Monday's steep drop.

The pound is 0.12% up against the dollar at $1.2578 and is flat on the euro at €1.1063.

'Sterling could move either way from here'

It is not clear whether the pound will recover or fall further, says John Marley, an analyst at Smart Currency Business.

"One scenario is that May wants to avoid an embarrassing defeat... another is that she may be very close to securing agreement from the EU with further negotiation so sterling could still move either way from here," he said.

Chris Turner, head of currency strategy at ING in London, said the likely loss of the vote accompanied by the growing risk of a leadership challenge "should be negative for the pound and send EUR/GBP above £0.9000 this week".

Pound versus the euro and vice versa

euro v pound

The sterling is also taking a pounding against the euro, and is back at September levels.

To it put another way, a euro is now worth more than 90p.


'Brexit vote confusion reflects Cabinet chaos'

Sweeper outside No. 10 Downing Street

Hamish Muress, currency analyst at International payments firm OFX, says that the confusion over whether the Brexit vote will go ahead on Tuesday "provides the market [with] an insight into the chaos and disagreement within Downing Street".

"Rumours that Theresa May is set to pull tomorrow’s vote contradict those of a Downing Street spokesperson, and the fact the news was broken over a conference call instead of in a cabinet meeting speaks volumes."

He says: “Many predicted that tomorrow would be the big day for any movement in the pound. However, it has already reached three-month lows against the euro and, depending on whether the vote tomorrow goes ahead, could hit lows last seen against the dollar in August.”

Sterling extends drop on Brexit vote speculation

Pound v dollar on Monday
Pound v dollar on Monday

The pound is now down 0.27% against the dollar at $1.2698.

Sterling is off 0.33% against the euro at €1.1133.

Meanwhile, BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg tweets:

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Additional source says Brexit vote is 'definitely off'

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg also says that there may be a statement from Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay related top Article 50.

While she also says...

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The pound is now down against the dollar at 0.49% at $1.2671.

It is 0.64% lower against the euro at €1.1098.

Sterling dips on the dollar

From a small gain early this morning, sterling is now down 0.10% against the dollar at $1.2720.

The pound is down 0.26% against the euro at €1.1141.