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'Mixed messages' over back-to-school plans

The Scottish government has been accused of communicating "mixed messages" over reopening schools in August, following Nicola Sturgeon's daily coronavirus briefing.

Jamie Greene, the Scottish Conservatives' education spokesman, said Nicola Sturgeon appeared to contradict some of the statements made by her education secretary, John Swinney.

“We are now several months into this crisis and that’s more than enough time for the SNP to have come up with a nationwide plan to maximise in-class schooling.

“Instead, all we’re seeing is more confusion, mixed messaging, and a chronic lack of leadership.

"Parents and teachers won’t know who to listen to – the First Minister or the education secretary – as their stories are increasingly different."

Sturgeon and Swinney
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Scottish Conservative leader: Cummings affair left people 'perplexed and angry'

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Dominic Cummings
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Jackson Carlaw says he maintains that Dominic Cummings should have stepped down after he admitted travelling more than 200 miles during the lockdown.

He told Radio Scotland that Mr Cummings' explanation at his press conference had not drawn a line under the affair, but left people "perplexed and angry" after explanations that were "not wholly convincing".

"The focus, as the first minister has said, has to be entirely on the ongoing tackling of Covid and I believe he's proved a distraction to that task," Mr Carlaw said.

Asked whether Mr Cummings was a fit person to be advising the prime minister, Mr Carlaw said that was a decision for Boris Johnson and not for him to say.