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    Video caption: Voices from Trump land: 'We will continue to be divided'

    Residents of a conservative district in Virginia grapple with the riots in Washington DC and its impact.

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    Video caption: The moment landmark hotel demolished in Virginia

    The former Holiday Inn offered landmark views of Washington, but was brought down without a hitch in a controlled implosion.

  3. University to mark role of Ambleside in education history

    Martin Lewes


    The role played by the buildings that are now now the Ambleside campus of the University of Cumbria in establishing modern primary education methods is being marked by building links with the Charlotte Mason Institute in the US.

    Charlotte Mason

    The buildings are what was created from the work of Charlotte Mason, who established a child-centred philosophy of education that is now followed by millions of teachers and home-school families in countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, India and the United States.

    The campus was a teacher training college named after her until the end of the last century.

    The Charlotte Mason Institute is based in Roanoke, Virginia, and three prominent associates, the founder, Dr Carroll Smith, Dr Jennifer Spencer, the institute’s curriculum project director, and Dr Deani Van Pelt, president of Ontario-based Edvance Christian Schools Association, are intending to visit Ambleside next year.

    Dr Spencer said: “I want to pull Charlotte Mason back from the fringes and showcase her as a woman who was so forward-thinking that she is still in the vanguard of educational thought, even a century after her death."

    Quote Message: Her principles had nothing to do with grades or test scores for career preparation, they were all about teaching us to be ‘more of a person’, cultivating wide interests, magnanimous character, humane boundaries and deeper relationships.” from Dr Jennifer Spencer
    Dr Jennifer Spencer
  4. BreakingBiden projected to win Virginia


    Virginia is projected to vote for Joe Biden.

    The state used to vote Republican at presidential elections, but voters have swung to the Democrats during the last three elections.

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    Video caption: Trump: 'Winning is easy, losing is never easy'

    The US president visits his campaign headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, to thank his team on election day.

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    Video caption: US election: The sinking island voting for President Trump

    Tangier Island is on the frontline of climate change but residents say saving jobs now is the priority.

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    Video caption: Tropical Storm Isaias: 'The Lord spared us for another day'

    Deadly Tropical Storm Isaias has cut a swathe of destruction along parts of the East Coast.

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    Video caption: Why I fell in love with Irish dancing

    Morgan Bullock was accused of "cultural appropriation" after a video of her Irish dancing went viral.

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    Video caption: Why monuments in the US are being taken down

    Statues of leading figures of the Confederacy, as well as those that depict people of colour as inferior, are being reconsidered.

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    Video caption: 500 high school junior portraits in Virginia

    Photographer helps 500 high school juniors honour their commencement through portraits.