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Latest Updates

String of night closures for A5 roadworks

BBC Shropshire

Part of the A5 near Shrewsbury will be shut overnight this week for roadworks.

The route either side of the Edgebold Island will be closed by Shropshire Council between the Dobbies and Woodcote roundabouts.

The authority is putting down new road markings and will carry out the work every day from 20:00 to 06:00 until Friday.

Pothole repairs 'can improve'

BBC Shropshire

The leader of Shropshire Council admits more can be done to fix the county's potholes problem.

It comes after resident Ian Field told BBC Midlands Today the cost of car damage was tantamount to a tax on people living in rural areas.

He said he had to replace four tyres in December alone.

One of the potholes around Beckbury

Shropshire Council says it's rolling out a new, faster way of repairing potholes.

I do accept there have been problems in highways. We've made massive improvements to the roads structure in Shropshire but there's a lot more work to do. We're bringing in new people all the time to look at the way we operate. I think our service is good but I think it can be better."

Councillor Peter NuttingLeader, Shropshire Council

Council to hold talks with MPs over £14m shortfall

The leader of Shropshire Council Peter Nutting says he has no fears about the finances despite facing a £14m hole in the budget.

Shropshire Council

He says he'll be holding talks with the county’s MPs in a bid to secure better government funding, but has brought in a spending and recruitment freeze as a precaution.

Mr Nutting said the problem was not knowing how much money it would get from April.

We do expect to receive additional money, I'd be very disappointed if we don't get at least a £4m or £5m boost to adult social services from the government. We've had indications we might get that... so we're being cautious."

Peter NuttingShropshire Council leader

Spending-freeze councillors discuss £14m savings

Shropshire Council's cabinet meets later after it was revealed the authority will need to find an extra £14m in savings next year.

Without extra government money and a rise in council tax, there are likely to be cuts across the board, officials say.

Following the announcement of a spending freeze, the council's finance director James Walton has said that funding for adult social care and children's services had become "unaffordable and unsustainable".

Unless cuts were made, the local authority would need more government money and higher council tax, he said.

Council could spend nearly £7m to switch to LED lights

Almost £7m could be spent in Shropshire to convert 16,523 streetlights to LEDs.

Shropshire Council has already converted 3,000 lights and said the move would save it £506,533 a year in energy costs.

Getty Images

The council spends about £1m each year on energy for street lighting and believes that could rise to £3.7m in the next 10 years, if nothing is done.

The council is also under pressure to cut £14m from its budget, because of rising social care costs and it looking to make savings across the board.

Council-owned shopping centre seeing fewer visitors

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Last month there was a 13% fall in the number of people visiting a Shrewsbury shopping centre that was bought by Shropshire Council in January 2018.

The local authority bought the Pride Hill centre, along with the Darwin and Riverside centres, for £51m, with the aim of generating an income and giving the council more control over town centre redevelopment.

Pride Hill centre

The fall is in comparison to November last year and council said: “Overall Shrewsbury is performing comparatively well on trading and footfall, but we have to respond to market changes and consumer trends.”

Cuts to all services after council reveals £14m shortfall

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Shropshire Council is preparing to make cuts to services across the board, after revealing it needs to save another £14m from its budget.

The Conservative-run local authority's financial director James Walton said funding adult social care and children’s services had become “unaffordable and unsustainable”.

It comes a few weeks after council leader Peter Nutting announced a spending freeze until the end of the year.

The new budget target comes after a report suggested the costs of adult social care and children's social care were growing by up to £15m a year.

Shropshire Council

Mr Walton said the alternative to cuts would be "a combination of more government funding, higher council tax and new models of delivery in social care”.

But he warned existing government grants were "insufficient" and the proportion of the council's net budget funded by council tax had risen from 55% to 72% in the the past four years.

Lighting protests over 'lack of climate change action'

Environmental campaigners beamed messages on to Shropshire Council’s headquarters criticising the authority's "lack of action” in tackling climate change.

Members of Extinction Rebellion Shrewsbury beamed images and videos on to the council’s Shirehall headquarters and the nearby Lord Hill’s column.

“It’s been seven months since Shropshire Council declared a Climate Emergency,” said Jamie Russell from the group.

One of the images
Extinction Rebellion

“Back in May they told us that the climate crisis posed a catastrophic threat to humanity and that urgent action was needed.

“But seven months on, we’re still waiting for them to even deliver a Climate Action Plan."

The council says it will unveil its plans to tackle climate change at a meeting of full council on 19 December.

Football club and council end row over cash

The New Saints football club and Shropshire Council say they've resolved their argument over £80,000 given by the local authority to pay for a new stand.

The football club had maintained it was a grant, but the council said it was a loan which should have been paid back and the two sides had been threatening to take the row to the courts.


The two sides have both released statements today.

While the club hasn't revealed whether the council money will be repaid, the TNS chairman Mike Harris said it had reached "a negotiated settlement that leaves both parties able to move forward in a positive position".

And under the terms of their agreement, the football club has agreed to spend £60,000 on projects to "benefit the people of Oswestry and Shropshire" over the next five years.

Council buys shares to fund its housebuilding company

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Shropshire Council is putting £1.6m into its new housebuilding company, Cornovii Developments.

The company is due to start on two housing developments, at Ifton Heath and at Frith Close in Shrewsbury, in the new year and the money will be used to purchase the land.

Shropshire Council

In return for the money, Shropshire Council will get 1,625,000 £1 shares in Cornovii Developments.