1. BreakingTrump projected to win Iowa


    Iowa is projected to vote for Donald Trump.

    The battleground state was held largely by the Democrats from 1988, until Trump secured it for the Republicans four years ago.

  2. Why does Iowa matter?

    A vote sign in Iowa

    Why does Iowa matter and when will we know who’s won?

    In 2016, Donald Trump won the Midwestern state of Iowa with a huge electoral swing.

    He beat Hillary Clinton by over 9% in a state previously won twice by Barack Obama.

    Trump took Iowa’s six electoral college votes with a promise to bring back jobs to the state, appealing to many who’d traditionally voted for Democratic candidates.

    This time around polls suggest Trump is slightly ahead in the state, but the vote could easily go either way.

    Early votes are already being counted and election officials are confident they will have a result on the night.

    However, postal ballots that arrive by 9 November (and that are postmarked no later than 2 November) are also to be counted.

    The polls in Iowa closed at 22:00 ET (03:00 GMT).

  3. Polling closes in four states

    Polls are closing in a few minutes in Iowa (6 electoral votes), Montana (3); Nevada (6) and Utah (6).

    Not a lot of electoral college votes are on the table in these states, but either candidate will need all they can get to reach the necessary 270.

    You can always check the state of the race by looking at the latest tally at the top of this page.

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