Drug legalisation

  1. The business of dope

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    Video caption: Cannabis sales soar as the trend for legalisation grows

    Cannabis sales soar as the trend for legalisation grows but is it a risky business?

  2. On Drugs: The Legalisation Debate

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    Video caption: Comedian Jacob Hawley begins his exploration of the UK drugs scene.
  3. Two more states legalise recreational cannabis

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    New Jersey voters overwhelmingly turned out in support of legalised recreational cannabis, according to AP results.

    The measure means the state is to become the 12th with legal weed. It passed with about 67% of the vote and with the support of all 21 counties in the state.

    Minutes after New Jersey was called, Arizona was also projected to pass a measure legalising cannabis for adult use.

    Voters in two other states will be deciding whether or not to legalise cannabis tonight. Montana and South Dakota still have to report their results.

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    Video caption: How Portugal became the first country to decriminalise all drugs for personal use

    In the 90s, Portugal was in the grip of a drugs crisis. In response, a new drugs policy was adopted including the decriminalisation of all drugs for personal use.

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    Video caption: Alarm over drug-related killings in Manila during Covid-19

    There’s alarm in the Philippines over an escalation in summary executions during the pandemic in a suburb of the capital, Manila.

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    Video caption: Tel Aviv: Drone filmed dropping suspected cannabis over city

    A quadcopter was seen releasing small bags, believed to contain illegal drugs, over Tel Aviv, Israel.