Police release images of wanted man


Police have released an image of man wanted for assault and malicious communications.

Omer Dos Reis, 25, from Portugal, is wanted by the Met following an attack where he assaulted a woman with a broom before strangling her in June 2018. He is further wanted for making threats to the victim – who was known to him.

Det Sgt Sam Bennett, said: “He is a Portuguese national; both his ears are pierced and he has cropped black hair. He also has two black star tattoos on his collarbone and is approximately 5ft 5ins tall.”

The solar-power charged electric cars making money
The new cars being tried out in Porto Santo can sell solar power electricity back to the island grid.
England football fans clash with police in Portugal
Phone footage appears to show glasses being thrown and England fans clashing with Portuguese police in a special 'fan-zone' set up for the Nations League finals.

Socialists win in Portugal

A good night here for the ruling party of Prime Minister António Costa, who faces a general election in October.

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Two countries bucking the trend

Slovakia elected a liberal president in Zuzana Caputova in March, bucking Europe's overall movement away from the centre. Now a coalition of two liberal parties have won the European Parliament election too, with 20% of the vote, the BBC's Rob Cameron reports.

That pushes the ruling leftist SMER into second. Turnout is always woeful in Slovakia - but it has gone up from 13% in 2014 to 22.7%.

And take at look at Portugal too. No far-right party came anywhere near winning a seat and the ruling Socialists appear to have gained votes, with exit polls giving them over 30% of the vote.

And unlike most countries in the EU, turnout in Portugal went down from 34% to 30%, our Lisbon correspondent Alison Roberts tells us.

The Jews who came back to Portugal

Portugal is offering citizenship to the descendants of Jews who were forced to leave the country hundreds of years ago.

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Old 19th Century pictures of Jewish people, set above a piece of manuscript