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Water chiefs 'must explain leakage target failures'

Severn Trent and South Staffs Water are among eight companies set to be asked by Michael Gove today to explain why they have failed to meet leakage targets.

Burst water main

The environment secretary said customers expected a "reliable and resilient water supply".

On Sunday, a spokesman for Water UK, the trade body for the major water companies, told the BBC: "Tackling leakage is one of the water industry's top priorities.

Damaged pipe causes massive water plume

One of Gloucestershire's main water pipes was damaged after machinery hit an underground main.

The burst sent a geyser-like plume some 30m (100ft) into the air close to the A4019, near Cheltenham.

A spokesperson for Severn Trent said: “The issue has been caused by third party damage to one of the biggest pipes we have in Gloucestershire.

"Our teams worked incredibly hard overnight to ensure that no customers were being affected as a result of the damage."

Severn Trent says the leak has been fixed, but it is now assessing the best way to make repairs.

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No hosepipe ban for East Midlands

Dave Wade

BBC News

It's been a long, hot summer so far with very little rain in the East Midlands over the last few weeks.

howden reservoir

And now millions of people in north-west England are facing a hosepipe ban.

However, Severn Trent Water, which supplies water to customers in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Rutland has said its reservoirs are in a "healthy position".

This is despite some reservoirs in the region looking rather dry, like Howden in Derbyshire (pictured above, last week).

Hot weather plea to stop using baths and sprinklers

Allen Cook

BBC News

Put the garden sprinkler away, stop taking baths and cancel the car wash.

Severn Trent Water says it needs people to cut their water usage as, in the hot weather, demand this week has been "significantly more than normal".


Despite calling for residents to shower rather than have a bath, the firm says it does still have "plenty" of water stored and reservoir levels are "healthy".

Severn Trent's also blamed demand in the hot weather for thousands of homes losing their water supply in Telford, Stafford and Much Wenlock, saying the surge caused air locks in the network.

The firm has said it also can't rule out the problem happening again this week.