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Norwich fitness vlogger Paul Kerton 'ripped' and vegan
"We can have an awesome physique, without harming animals," bodybuilder Paul Kerton says.

Would you halve the amount of meat you eat to feed the rest of the world?

Dr Sonja Vermeulen explains why radical change is needed to our diets
Feeding a growing population of 10 billion people by 2050 will be impossible without transforming our eating habits and improving food production. A three year study involving experts from 16 countries argues that the world needs to change its diet if there's to be enough food for everyone. Newsday's Tom Hagler has been speaking to one of the report's authors, Dr Sonja Vermeulen. 

(Photo: Burger King's 'Angry Triple Whopper' with three beef patties and bacon Credit: Paul J Richards/AFP/Getty Images)
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British Nutrition Foundation launches new "handy" guide to stop people cooking and eating too much.
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Becky started up the Anti Diet Riot Club to fight back against diet culture.