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UKIP candidate 'a risk to public order'

Jenna Hawkey

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Carl Benjamin

Exeter Cathederal has confirmed it has excluded a UKIP candidate from a public hustings because they may cause "a risk to public order".

The party announced earlier today that their European Elections candidate Carl Benjamin had been barred from event on 22 May.

UKIP Devon's chairwoman, Margaret Dennis, labelled the decision by Exeter Cathedral as "outrageous" and "an affront to democracy".

Under the rules of the Electoral Commission we may exclude candidates from a non-selective hustings for a number of reasons, including concerns about public order. In this case, the Cathedral believes that the presence of one particular candidate may cause a risk to public order, given a number of incidents over the last few weeks. UKIP has been invited to send another candidate from its list of six candidates standing for election in the South West region."

Spokesperson, Exeter Cathederal

Last week, two protesters threw milkshake at Mr Benjamin at a rally in Truro.

UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin 'barred' from public hustings

Hayley Westcott

BBC News Online

UKIP European election candidate, Carl Benjamin has been barred from appearing at a public hustings in Exeter, according to the party.

They attacked the decision by Exeter Cathedral with its Devon chairman, Margaret Dennis calling it "outrageous" and "an affront to democracy".

Police are currently investigating remarks made by Mr Benjamin after Labour MP Jess Phillips accused him of malicious communications.

UKIP said Cathedral authorities told them they were unable to host Mr Benjamin because it was their opinion that he posed "a security risk" and they "could not condone his remarks about women".

Mrs Dennis said Mr Benjamin is an "articulate and intelligent advocate" for UKIP and for free speech.

Last week, two protesters threw milkshake at Mr Benjamin at a rally in Truro.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Mr Benjamin was read rape survivors comments on the Victoria Derbyshire show, after criticism of his 2016 social media comments in which he told Labour MP Jess Phillips "I wouldn't even rape you"...

Truro clash amid UKIP campaign speeches
UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin was joined by the controversial far-right activist Milo Yiannopoulos.

UKIP candidate's rape comments investigated

Comments made by a UKIP candidate regarding Birmingham MP Jess Phillips are being investigated.

Carl Benjamin

Carl Benjamin, a candidate in the upcoming EU elections, sent the Labour member for Yardley a tweet in 2016 saying: “I wouldn’t even rape you.”

Last week, he shared a video on YouTube with another reference to rape, saying “with enough pressure” he “might cave”.

The video has now been removed and West Midlands Police say they are investigating whether an offence has been committed.

He has previously said he was not sorry for comments made to the MP.

"I'm not going to apologise for my crimes against political correctness, I hate political correctness," he said.

But Ms Phillips told the Victoria Derbyshire programme the comments are as bad as hate speech.