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Where colour is a figment of the imagination

A photographer reimagines the hues of an island where colourblindness is common
Belgian photographer Sanne de Wilde uses infrared exposure and hand-painted images to tell the story of the Pacific island of Pingelap, where a significant proportion of residents suffer from achromatopsy - total colourblindness. Historians believe the gene that causes the debilitating condition can be traced to a king who repopulated the island after a tsunami wiped out almost the entire population in the 1700s. Sanne de Wilde's images are in a new photobook, 'The Island of the Colorblind.' 

(Photo: Pingelap Island, Federated States of Micronesia, in 'The Island of the Colorblind,' published by Kehrer Verlag / Hannibal Publishing. All images © Sanne de Wilde)