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    Video caption: New Zealand crowns chubby cute parrot bird of the year

    All eyes on the US election? Well, here's another vote, equally contested, but a lot more cute.

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    Video caption: Why hundreds of parakeets visit this same terrace every day

    Lakshmi Narayan Reddy's home in India attracts hundreds of the ring-necked species of parrot every day.

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    Video caption: The parrots bringing smiles on lockdown walks

    A Kent family have been taking their parrots out with them on their daily exercise.

  4. parrot.

    It turns out that kea parrots are pretty good at making decisions based on what they think will happen! Researchers say it's the first time this skill has been shown outside of humans and great apes.

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    Video caption: ICYMI: A prankster parrot, Elon Musk and extreme cycling

    Here are some of the stories you may have missed in the last week.