Mount Etna eruptions light up night sky
Hot lava is seen bursting into the sky amid an increase in seismic activity on the Sicilian volcano.

The Mafia tried to kill me

A national park director in Sicily describes his close shave
A national park director in Sicily, Giuseppe Antoci, describes a close shave last year when local mafia tried to assassinate him. He says he angered them by simply doing his job, trying to stop them stealing parkland at the Parco dei Nebrodi.

(Picture: Car of national park director Antoci with bullet holes, with an inset picture of Mr Antoci; Credit: Giuseppe Romeo/Antenna del Mediterraneo)
How sex traffickers use black magic to force migrants into prostitution
Magdalen is one of tens of thousands of Nigerian migrants to Europe who have been forced into sex work.
Mount Etna: Aerial footage shows damage from Italy quakes
Two earthquakes have left buildings damaged and people injured following the eruption of Mount Etna on Monday.