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    Video caption: 'It’s OK to make losses early on'

    The co-founder of Beans Coffee Club says it’s OK to make losses when you start your business, but make sure it’s money you can afford to lose.

  2. Does coffee really sober you up?

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    Video caption: Does coffee really sober you up when drunk?

    Having a caffeinated drink when drunk can counter some of the effects of alcohol, but not the ones that matter.

  3. Shop owner hosts online coffee-making courses for mental health charity

    Phil Shepka

    BBC News

    Beth Cook

    The co-owner of a coffee shop business closed because of coronavirus has begun online coffee-making courses to raise money for charity.

    Beth Cook from Applaud Coffee, which has two shops in Ipswich, said she has a "passion for teaching people about coffee and improving people's skills".

    She said she wanted "to be creative in thinking of ways to help" the mental health charity Mind, and has asked those who take her courses to donate money to them instead of paying her.

    She said: "Mental health obviously is going to [be a] struggle massively for a lot of people during this time and after."

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: 'We should be hanging out less' s

    The owner if a chain of coffe shops has decided to close them all because of coronavirus.