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Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change


Elected in 2018 46 Total councillors 46 Change+2


Elected in 2018 14 Total councillors 14 Change-2
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Appeal after shooting in Waltham Forest

Detectives investigating a shooting in Waltham Forest are appealing for witnesses.

At around 20:15 on Friday, 5 October, officers were called to reports of shots fired on Goodall Road in Leyton.

The victim, a 47-year-old man, was shot several times as he was parking his car. He was not seriously hurt and is now recovering at home.

The suspect is believed to have fled the scene in a grey vehicle, police said.

Police would like to hear from anyone who was in the E11 area that night and who may have heard or seen anything unusual.

Takeaways shut over 'cockroach and mice' infestation

Hygiene breaches
Waltham Forest Council

Two takeaways in Waltham Forest have been shutdown by the council after inspectors found pest infestations and "dangerously unclean" kitchens.

On 15 August hygiene officers visited Yildirim Bakery, on St James Street and found that the premises was infested with German cockroaches scuttling around the filthy store.

They immediately closed the shop, and Thames Magistrates’ Court granted the Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order and awarded costs of £864 to the council.

In a separate case, Lagos Island Restaurant, of Lea Bridge Road, Leyton was closed after officers found an infestation of cockroaches, as well as evidence of mice.

Waltham Forest Council said the kitchen was extremely dirty and officers concluded the risk to public health was too high to allow the restaurant to remain open.

Magistrates awarded the council costs of £1,106.63 in light of the severe hygiene failings at Lagos Island.

Man, 42, stabbed to death in Chingford

flaxen road
Police were called to Flaxen Road in the early hours of today

A 42-year-old man has been stabbed to death in Chingford, north London.

Police were called to Flaxen Road at about 04:40 BST and found the man suffering from stab injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 05:22.

A 16-year-old boy and a 35-year-old woman have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The victim's next-of-kin have been informed.

Enquiries are ongoing, but the Metropolitan Police said it is not looking for anyone else in connection with this investigation "at this stage".

Free wifi rolled out across Waltham Forest

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Free public Wi-Fi has been rolled out in town centres and shopping areas across the Waltham Forest.

The cCouncil has rolled out the scheme at sites in Leyton, Leytonstone, Highams Park, Wood Street, Bakers Arms, St James Street, Chingford and Chingford Mount.

The scheme was initially trialled in the centre of Walthamstow earlier this year.

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet is able to get online by looking for the network _FREE_WF_WiFi when in one of the covered town centres.

You'll be asked to register with your email address before being able to connect to the internet.

Once signed up, you'll have two hours uninterrupted connection before the session ends. You'll be able to sign straight back in again once the two hours is up and pick up where you left off.

Not enough funding to end rough sleeping - charity

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Homeless man

A homeless charity says a £100 million Government strategy "won't go far enough" to get people off the streets.

The Government earlier this week announced its strategy to end rough sleeping by 2027.

The Christian Kitchen - a charity that feeds homeless and marginalised people in Waltham Forest, welcomed the funding.

Norman Coe, the chairman of Christian Kitchen said: "There are so many homeless people on the streets and for many years they have not been reached."

The funding includes £30 million support for mental health and addiction services as well as £50 million on homes outside London to help house homeless people.

But Mr Coe raised concerns that the money would not go far enough to tackle rough sleeping.

He said: "It's a move in the right direction but I don't think there's a big enough understanding about the needs of homeless people because each one is different and has different needs.

"It's not just money that will solve homelessness there needs to be a programme that supports people on the streets.

"Homeless people need looking after because otherwise they will crash and burn." The charity feeds around 50 to 70 homeless people a night in Walthamstow and Mr Coe said a lot of homeless people have often been involved with drugs and gambling which has led them to be on the streets.

Mr Coe said: "They often have mental health issues that need addressing."

Waltham Forest and Redbridge among worst for living wage jobs

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Waltham Forest has the highest percentage of jobs paying below the London Living Wage in the capital, figures from charity Trust for London show.

Some 37% of jobs in the borough have a salary below the London Living Wage, while a total of 30% of jobs in Redbridge pay less than it, according to the group.

The charity found low paid jobs are hitting outer London harder than inner London, with the overall percentage of low-paid jobs in London at 19% - the equivalent of 730,000 individual jobs.

Waltham Forest had the highest proportion of low-paid jobs at 37%, but because it has a relatively small total number of jobs it only has 17,000 low-paid jobs.

Cllr Simon Miller, cabinet member for economic growth and high streets for Waltham Forest Council, said it was "one of our top priorities... to improve our residents' life chances by tackling low wages and in-work poverty.

"The council is an accredited London Living Wage Employer, which means it pays all employees the London Living Wage at a minimum and is also committed to working with our supply chain to secure the London Living Wage for their employees."

A spokesman for Redbridge Council said: "Low pay is a major problem for our residents. This isn't a challenge that the council can fix on its own, but we are committed to acting where we can.

"All our directly employed staff are already paid London Living Wage and we are committed to extending this to our contractors, improving lives for hundreds of our residents."

Commuters in Waltham Forest to have their say

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Commuters are being asked to have their say on how to improve travel links and safety in the area.

Waltham Forest Council was given the money from Transport for London (TfL) earlier this year, and is now deciding how to use that cash.

The funding will be concentrated on developments in the Coppermill area, just south of Walthamstow Wetlands, and the project will be based on people's feedback.

The authority's plans will be based on the feedback and will be developed over this summer and autumn.

To have your say and find out more about the plans, register online on the Commonplace consultation website.

The consultation will close on 10 August.

Council urged to pull 'flawed' survey

Local Democracy Reporting Service

People responding to a consultation about building new houses can submit responses from multiple email addresses and postcodes.

Rosmarie Mulvey discovered the flaw when she tried to respond to Waltham Forest Council's survey into the future of its housing strategy. She was surprised to learn respondents do not have to provide proof of residence in the borough, meaning some could skew consultation results in their favour.

Ms Mulvey, 58 of Waltham Forest, has lived in the borough since 1962 and is a council house tenant.

She claims she told her local councillor Cllr Marion Fitzgerald of the issue last week, but says she is yet to receive a "satisfactory" response from the council.

She said: "I want this survey pulled, it's flawed and the council know it's flawed.

"I'm gob-smacked. I have no confidence in this survey's results as it's blatantly open to abuse. God help the future of housing in this borough." Ms Mulvey claims she was also able to fill in the survey five times using the same email address as recently as this weekend.

She said: "Nothing has been done to correct this flaw. It beggars belief and I'm outraged, the survey's results cannot be used as they stand.

"I've tried going through the councils complaint procedure, but it's too slow to be able to do anything about this."

Waltham Forest Council has been contacted for comment.

Harry Kane given freedom of Waltham Forest

Harry Kane

Harry Kane has been given the freedom of his home borough for his heroics captaining England at the Wold Cup in Russia.

Waltham Forest councillors unanimously voted to award the England and Tottenham striker the council's highest honour.

Born in Leytonstone in 1993, Kane spent his childhood in Waltham Forest, attending both primary and secondary education in the borough.

Waltham Forest Council Leader, Clare Coghill, said Kane has "shown incredible perseverance and maturity throughout his career and to be captain England at a World Cup at the age of 24 shows just how much leadership qualities he possesses".

“I’m proud that our borough welcomed his Irish father, that his family could make their home here, and he received the opportunities to make the most of his footballing talent," she added.

Waltham Forest has a history of raising world class footballers that become England captains. David Beckham was born in the same hospital as Kane and attended the same school.

Councils are allowed to give freedom of the boroughs to "persons of distinction". Becoming a freeman was once associated with grazing sheep on public land, but this is no longer the case.

Waltham Forest 10th worst authority for food hygiene enforcement

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Waltham Forest has been found to be the 10th worst local authority for food hygiene enforcement, according to research by Which?.

The authority oversees 2,045 restaurants and shops, and failed to rate 251 (12.3%) of those for hygiene.

It also did not intervene, despite planning to, when 668 premises (32.7%) failed to meet required food hygiene standards.

The independent consumer watchdog inspected statistics from 390 authorities for between 2016 and 2017.

The Deputy Leader of Waltham Forest Council and cabinet member for the environment Clyde Loakes said: "Waltham Forest views food hygiene and safety as an extremely important issue.

"In 2016-17 food inspections were prioritised with higher risk premises taking precedence. This resulted in inspections of nearly 100% of the 600 higher risk food establishments, a rate that places Waltham Forest in the top half of London Boroughs."

He added it was "right and proper that we focus our efforts on these shops as this is the most efficient way of safeguarding the health of residents and visitors."

Alex Neill, of Which?, told the BBC the UK's enforcement regime was "under huge strain" and worries that Brexit will add further responsibilities to struggling local authorities.

He said: "Effective food enforcement must be a government priority, including robust checks on imports as well as co-operation with the EU and other countries on food risks."