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    Video caption: 'I focus on earning money and then leaving Hong Kong'

    How are protests and a new security law imposed by Beijing affecting Hong Kong's residents?

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    Video caption: Driverless taxis now for hire in Shanghai

    Driverless taxis are now available in China’s biggest city, Shanghai. The BBC took a ride.

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    Video caption: 'During lockdown my son was super stuck to me'

    In Singapore, single mum Coco says Covid-19 has been hard for her and five-year-old son Jacob.

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    Video caption: Livestreaming in Asia: Meet the stars of 'shoppertainment'

    As Covid-19 keeps millions of people at home, the popularity of "shoppertainment" has skyrocketed in Asia.

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    Video caption: Getting creative and going viral in lockdown

    During lockdown many families have turned to creating online videos as a way of having fun.

  6. Coronavirus: 'Fashion box money will feed my family'

    Angie Brown

    BBC Scotland news reporter

    Fatema Begum

    A Bangladeshi garment worker says a "fashion box" scheme set up by an Edinburgh business will help her feed her family.

    Fatema Begum, 30, is one of an estimated two million garment workers in Bangladesh who lost their jobs during the coronavirus crisis.

    The mother-of-two who is the sole earner for her family told BBC Scotland she lost her job in April.

    "It has been really difficult, my family is dependent on me, but now we are all helpless," she said.

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    Fatema Begum