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    BBC Sport

    Rose Paterson

    The husband of Aintree Racecourse chairman Rose Paterson pays tribute to his "dedicated, loving" wife after a coroner records a verdict of suicide at an inquest into her death.

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  2. MP to work on suicide prevention after death of wife

    North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson has said he will become more involved in suicide prevention after the death of his wife, Rose.

    An inquest today confirmed she had taken her own life and Mr Paterson said it was "absolutely tragic for me, our family and all who knew her".

    Owen Paterson

    "We were married for 40 very happy years. Rose will be remembered as a devoted, loving wife, mother and grandmother as well as a most successful professional in her varied careers in the arts, charity and racing."

  3. Inquest into death of racecourse chairwoman to open

    The inquest into the death of Rose Paterson, the chairwoman of Aintree Racecourse, is set to be opened and adjourned in Shrewsbury later.

    The 63-year-old's body was discovered in woodland close to her home near St Martin's, Shropshire, last week.

    Rose Paterson

    Mrs Paterson was the wife of North Shropshire Conservative MP and former Cabinet member Owen Paterson.

  4. MP's wife found dead at family home

    BBC Shropshire

    The wife of Shropshire MP Owen Paterson's been found dead at their family home, the MP has said.

    Rose Paterson

    In a statement, the Conservative former cabinet minister said the death of Rose has come as a "terrible shock" to the family.

    Mrs Paterson was chair of the Aintree Racecourse and the couple married in 1980.

  5. MP offers to coordinate coronavirus help

    The North Shropshire MP, Owen Paterson, is offering to co-ordinate help for people affected by coronavirus.

    He's asking for people in his constituency to get in touch to highlight any help they may be able to offer individuals or groups.

    Owen Paterson

    There is a form to fill in on his website and details will be passed on to to the relevant organisations.

  6. MP in call out for volunteers

    People wishing to volunteer in North Shropshire are being urged to share details with local Conservative MP Owen Paterson.

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  7. Brexiteer MP to 'look closely' at PM's deal

    The prime minister has announced that a new deal has been struck with the EU that could finally see Brexit realised.

    However, the deal still needs the backing of MPs in Parliament and the DUP has said it cannot vote for the deal in its current form.

    Owen Pateson

    The deal's success might hinge on support from Brexiteers who rejected Theresa May's deal and in many cases take their prompt regarding Northern Ireland from the DUP.

    Speaking earlier, former Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson said he would "look closely" at Boris Johnson’s latest deal, but that he wouldn't jump to a judgment until the legal text of any deal is written and published.

    The leave-supporting MP for North Shropshire told BBC Radio Shropshire: “Everyone I’ve spoken to says it’s significantly different to the Theresa May deal which I voted against three times."

    However, he said the difficulties shouldn’t be underestimated, and that imposing a different regime on Northern Ireland could even go against the Act of Union.

    Follow live updates as the Boris Johnson heads to the EU summit.

  8. Brexiteer MP fears 'some sort of compromise' with Corbyn

    The North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson says he's "completely astonished" that Theresa May is looking to agree a way forward on Brexit with the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    Owen Paterson

    Mr Paterson, who was a prominent Leave campaigner during the referendum, says he now fears "some sort of compromise, which inevitably will involve some sort of close arrangement like some customs union, which is a total denial of what the 17.4m people voted for".

    The PM's move to hold talks has angered some Brexiteers, with two ministers resigning over it, but she has defended it saying the public "expect us to reach across this House to find a way through this".

    Mr Corbyn said he welcomed the PM's "willingness to compromise to resolve the Brexit deadlock".

  9. Conservative MPs at odds over Brexit

    This afternoon's vote on the Brexit withdrawal agreement has set Conservative MPs at odds with each other.

    The MP for the Wrekin, Mark Pritchard, decided to vote for the deal, after opposing it when it first appeared and tweeted to say: "All those who voted against it are inadvertently, or purposely, frustrating Brexit."

    Owen Paterson

    But the MP for North Shropshire, Owen Paterson, who has always opposed the prime minister's deal told Parliament before the vote he would maintain his "integrity and reputation" and not change his mind now.

  10. MPs' row over 'did not happen' tube chat

    Weekend not arriving quickly enough? If you want a diversion, you could do worse than checking out the Twitter spat between a West Midlands MP and one from Sheffield who simply doesn't believe what he's been saying.

    Any guesses what it's all about? Here's a hint... begins with B.

    Owen Paterson, Tory member for North Shropshire, says he's approached by people on the tube and trains with the message to get on with delivering Brexit.

    Here he is, saying as much....

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    But Louise Haigh, Labour member for Sheffield Heeley, replied to the Tweeted vid, saying "no one is talking to anyone on the tube" - and so adamant was she, she made sure a Twitter account dedicated to "didn't happens" knew about it.

    And it didn't end there. Things escalated when Twitter was no longer good enough and the spat went old school, with pen and headed notepaper.

    "There was a man," Mr Paterson said. And so real is he, there's a business card to prove it.

    Ms Haigh was also asked - on notepaper - to remove her nomination for Didn't Happen Of The Year Awards, which was an @ done on a phone.

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    And then, cue Twitter being Twitter.

    The memes, gifs and mock-up business cards should just about see you to Saturday.

  11. Video content

    Video caption: Grace Blakeley and Owen Paterson on Brexit

    Will the UK leave the EU by 29 March? Conservative Brexiteer Owen Paterson and New Statesman journalist Grace Blakeley discuss the issue.

  12. Brexit ruling a 'game-changer'

    BBC Politics

    The Conservative MP for North Shropshire Owen Paterson said he thought Theresa May's Brexit deal was dead.

    A protester carrrying flags walks past the Union (L) and EU flags of anti-Brexit activists

    It comes after the House of Commons' Speaker, John Bercow, this afternoon ruled out another vote on the government's previously rejected Brexit agreement if the motion remains "substantially the same".

    He told MPs parliamentary conventions dating back to 1604 meant they could not be asked to vote on precisely the same subject twice in the same session.

    Mr Paterson, a former cabinet minister and prominent Brexiteer, said the ruling would "concentrate minds" ahead of a EU summit on Thursday - at which EU leaders will consider whether to grant the UK an extension to the Brexit process.

    Quote Message: This could be a real game-changer. At last we could get some really interesting issues discussed. As we know, EU negotiations always go to the wire but we now have 11 days to get something sensible done." from Owen Paterson North Shropshire Conservative MP and Leave supporter
    Owen PatersonNorth Shropshire Conservative MP and Leave supporter
  13. Leave MP would back short Brexit delay

    MP and prominent Brexiteer Owen Paterson says he doesn't want to see a long extension to the Brexit process that he says could prolong the "whole ghastly saga".

    The House of Commons votes today on whether to seek permission to delay Brexit beyond 29 March.

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    Video caption: Brexiteer-MP would support short leave-date extension

    Mr Paterson, who represents North Shropshire, voted in favour of the defeated Malthouse compromise amendment last night, which suggested, among other things, a very short delay in Britain's leave-date until 22 May to prepare for a no-deal exit.

    He also he feared Brexit would go on for "months and months" and that the resulting uncertainty would cause "real damage" to businesses.

  14. MP corrects Corbyn over 'single market' remarks

    The North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson has written to Jeremy Corbyn, to correct him over remarks made in Prime Minister's Questions today.

    The Labour leader told the house that Mr Paterson had previously said "only a madman would actually leave the single market", but Mr Paterson has responded to explain this was a "very common misquotation, frequently repeated on Twitter".

    Mr Paterson added "I hope that this is clear and that you will avoid misquoting me in future".

    Owen Paterson

    What he actually told Sky News in October 2015 was: "Only a madman would actually leave the market. It's not the EU, which is a political organisation which is delivering the prosperity and buying our goods, it's the market, it's the members of the market. We'll carry on trading with the market."

    And he went on to say: "I mean, are we really suggesting that the fifth-largest economy in the world is not going to come to a satisfactory trading arrangement with the EU?

    "Are we going to be like Sudan and North Korea? I mean, it's ludicrous this idea that we're going to leap off a cliff into a dark space. We're going to carry on trading."

  15. Brexit: Tory MPs consider backing no-deal scenario

    MPs will vote later on whether to block the UK from leaving the EU without a deal on 29 March, after again rejecting the PM's withdrawal agreement.

    The deal was defeated in the Commons on Tuesday evening by 149 votes with North Shropshire Conservative MP Owen Paterson, a prominent member of the pro-Brexit European Research Group (ERG), calling it "an extraordinarily bad deal".

    MPs in Commons last night

    Now though, local Tory MPs in the West Midlands have told the BBC they're thinking carefully about whether they'll support a no-deal scenario or not.

    Stratford-on-Avon's Nadhim Zahawi's said: "I will be voting to keep no deal on the table because I think it's the best way for us to get a good deal."

    While Dudley South's Conservative MP Mike Wood, another ERG supporter, said he was also going to support keeping no-deal as an option as, after holding a referendum on the EU, "we have to deliver on that promise".

  16. MPs make minds up over PM's Brexit deal

    West Midlands MPs have been waiting for the attorney general's legal advice on Theresa May's Brexit agreement, before deciding if they will support it, but now appear to be making up their minds.

    The Wrekin MP, Mark Pritchard, who campaigned to remain in the EU, voted against her first agreement, but tweeted to say he will back this one:

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    Some other MPs, including the Bromsgrove MP and Home Secretary Sajid Javid, also say they will back the agreement when it is voted on tonight.

    But the European Research Group in the Conservative Party is asking its members not to back it, saying it doesn't contain enough guarantees.

    These include the North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson, who is against the agreement, and the Shrewsbury and Atcham MP Daniel Kawczynski, who said he was likely to oppose it too.

  17. MP suggests the return of direct rule in Northern Ireland

    The north Shropshire MP Owen Paterson has suggested that Westminster should temporarily impose direct-rule in Northern Ireland, two years after its national assembly was suspended.

    The former Northern Ireland Secretary was speaking after it emerged that Stormont politicians have been paid £12m, despite having little to do.

    Owen Paterson

    The current Northern Ireland secretary, Karen Bradley, said she shared his exasperation, but her priority remained getting the parties to agree to a resumption.

    And she said that ideally decisions affecting Northern Ireland should be made locally.

  18. 'Theresa May's deal does not let us leave'

    The Conservative MP for North Shropshire says he will vote against the Prime Minister's Brexit deal today because it "does not let us leave" the EU.

    Owen Paterson, who was a leading Leave campaigner, also says Theresa May's draft agreement has "horrors in it" such as the plans for the Northern Ireland backstop.

    Owen Paterson

    All but one of Shropshire's five Conservative MPs say they will oppose the deal, with only Ludlow MP Philip Dunne in favour.

    He says most MPs want to avoid "no deal" and that the one at the centre of this evening's vote is the "only deal on the table that can achieve that".