David Davies

  1. 'Get Brexit done'

    "There's going to be a few challenges ahead... we want to get Brexit done," Conservative MP David TC Davies tells BBC Radio Wales after holding Monmouth.

    “There was a mood in the country that people had had enough of three years of argument about this," he said.

    "Whether people voted leave or remain, they actually felt that they just needed to get this done.”

    He says the party will "govern from the centre", adding: “It’s not going to be enough for us to just win these seats now.

    “I hope those people who won those seats for the first time will be able to win again."

    David TC Davies and supporters
    Image caption: David TC Davies held Monmouth
  2. Video content

    Video caption: General election 2019: 'Public can trust Boris Johnson', Davies

    Conservative David TC Davies claims the public can trust Boris Johnson ahead of the general election.