Small businesses

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    Video caption: Reading pub opens for remote workers to use as office

    Local pubs are offering a new office set up for people having to work remotely during the pandemic.

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    Video caption: Local lockdowns: 'Our business has fallen off a cliff'

    Liverpool entrepreneurs on their local lockdown: "Our business has fallen off a cliff".

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Hampshire e-bike firm suggests 'dating agency'

    An electric bike manufacturer says firms need to work together to protect jobs during the pandemic.

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    Video caption: New Forest teenager designs clothes shopping app

    Rebecca Mabbett, 19, came up with the idea after finding clothes she bought online didn't suit her.

  5. New Covid-19 limits prompt call for more business help

    There's been a call for more help for small firms in Cumbria following the announcement today of more restrictions on the hospitality trade because of the rising number of coronavirus infections.

    The Federation of Small Business in the county said its members would be dismayed by the prospect of another six months of disruption, and many would be fearing for their futures.

    Worker making sandwich in shop

    The Prime Minister Boris Johnson said all pubs, restaurants and similar businesses would have to stop at 22:00, the wearing of face coverings would be required in more circumstances, and people who could work from home should do so again if they could.

    The North West FSB regional chairman, Chris Manka, said: "it’s paramount that the Government urgently steps forward with an ambitious second round of support measures to help firms survive.

    "The job retention scheme is ending in six weeks and the deadline for bounce back loan applications is rapidly approaching."

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    Video caption: Portsmouth children's entertainer says he's 'back to square one'

    Children's entertainers say they are struggling with the new "rule of six" for social gatherings.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Young entrepreneurs set up businesses in lockdown

    Jessie and Archie turned lockdown-learning projects into new businesses.