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What happens if prison officers don't get paid?

The US government shutdown may pose a threat to the security of US jails
US prison staff face real economic hardship thanks to the partial shutdown of the federal government, and that may pose a threat to the security of the country's jails.

Eric Young is a prison officer and a national labour union representative for the American Federation of Government Employees. He tells the BBC's Vishala Sri-Pathma how not getting paid is affecting him and his colleagues. And he speaks of his fears for the peace and integrity of prisons.

(Picture: Keys lying on the floor in a prison corridor; Credit: allanswart/Getty Images)
US government shutdown: Cardi B says country 'in a hell hole'
The rapper says federal workers going back to work without getting paid needs to be taken seriously.
Mica Mosbacher: Trump uses ‘exaggeration like a salesman'
People probably did not take the idea of Mexico paying for border wall literally, says 2020 adviser.

Delta hit by US shutdown

Delta plane

The shut down of the US government is having an impact on all sorts of industries.

Delta Air Lines will lose revenue of $25m this month as fewer government contractors are flying.

That's according to the airline's chief executive Phil LeBeau who was speaking to CNBC.

Shutdown could cut "growth to zero"

Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JP Morgan, says that if the US shutdown continues for a full quarter it could cut growth to zero.

Here's the FT's Laura Noonan.

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