1. Police raid uncovers brothel

    Sue Nicholson

    BBC News

    Sussex Police raid in Uckfield

    Police uncovered a brothel after raiding premises advertised as a riverside spa.

    Detectives believe the women found inside the property in Uckfield were trafficked and forced into a life of prostitution.

    Support workers from the charity Streetlight, which offers specialist support to such women, were also involved in the operation.

    Spokeswoman Jean Bovell-Strachan said the women had effectively been imprisoned in one room, where they met clients, and also ate and slept.

    An investigation is now under way under modern day slavery legislation.

  2. Historians list 33 figures from Jersey with slavery links

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Historians have listed 33 figures from Jersey who had links to the slave trade.

    Experts from University College London has created an encyclopaedia of people with dealt in, or profited from, slaves around the world.

    There are 61,000 names on the list, but some either lived in, or had strong connections to, Jersey.

    Doug Ford said the number involved went much further than this.

    He said: "We do know that there are people who were born on the island who don't have the word 'Jersey' written next to them, so it is a starting point, but you have to carry on doing the research."

    The States is due to debate the islands past links to the slave trade, and how it should be acknowledged.

    It will also look at calls to rename Trenton Square in St Helier, and to investigate places and memorials in Jersey which paid tribute to people involved in slave ownership.

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