World War One

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Harwich model U-boat on beach marks surrender
The 15ft (4.6m) sculpture marks the surrender of 160 German U-boats in Essex 100 years ago.

How We Remember Them

Dan Snow looks back at how the First World War has been commemorated over the past century
Since 2014 the world has been reflecting on the centenary of the First World War. The atrocities of the conflict have been well-covered but how has our interpretation changed over time?

With powerful accounts of veterans, from the iconic 1964 BBC series The Great War and the Imperial War Museum’s sound archive, as well as moving early commemorations at the Cenotaph, historian Dan Snow looks at how and why our perceptions of the conflict have changed over time, and how that’s affected the way we commemorate the event.

Joined by Dan Todman, Lucy Noakes, Helen McCartney and Jean Seaton, as well as Peter Hart, who interviewed many veterans on behalf of the IWM, we’ll look at why Remembrance still seems to matter to people today and, as the centenary draws to a close, how it might change going forward.

Producers: Megan Jones and Glyn Tansley

11 o'clock

The closing moments of the war, recalled by those who were there
Dan Snow presents the final episode of Voices of the First World War, veterans recall what they were doing when the armistice took effect at 11 o'clock on 11th November 1918, and how they felt now the end of the war had at last arrived.   Alongside relief, disbelief, and celebrations, there was also an empty feeling, and a looming question that seemed to trouble many of them: what were they going to do now?  

Presented by Dan Snow
Produced by Megan Jones for BBC Wales